Everything in business comes down to systems and processes. When it comes to managing Denver office space, it is no different. That’s where an office cleaning plan comes into play. As with any process, the goal is to create consistency, efficiency, and a standard of practice so everyone can be on the same page.

Denver: Why You Need an Office Cleaning Plan

Consistency. With a written action plan in place, you are more likely to have a consistent experience, knowing exactly what needs to be cleaned when in order to create accountability and expectations.

Efficiency. An office cleaning plan lays out what and when certain areas are cleaned to create efficiency that doesn’t allow anything to “fall through the cracks”.

Standard. Anything documented and followed creates a standard by which everyone understands the methods and expectations of the task(s) at hand.

Communication. When written, communicated, adjusted, and followed, your written office cleaning plan allows for communication through an evolving document of standard operating procedures.

How to Create an Office Cleaning Plan

Start with an audit or walk through of your property. Look from top to bottom in each area and list what you want to have cleaned and/or maintained and how often. You can always adjust frequency, so start with what is a fit for right now in your business. At AAA Building Maintenance, we provide a free audit on your behalf and make suggestions based on our industry knowledge.

As you walk through your space, consider the following:

Outdoor Space – trash, power washing, maintenance, trash removal, cigarette/ashtrays, pest control, parking lot care, etc. While all commercial cleaners don’t handle all aspects of outdoor care and maintenance, they likely have referrals for other trusted professionals and may act as a project manager. If they don’t, you will at least have a list of tasks you would like to have handled for when you do contact vendors for the work to be done.

Windows – interior and exterior windows and glass. While few janitorial companies clean exterior windows, they likely do clean interior glass. If you need windows cleaned, find out if the Denver office cleaning company handles that, or has a recommendation.

Foyer/Entry – this is an important area that may need more attention during the winter months to prevent accidents. Notice the type of flooring and any special needs of the entry to keep it safe. Sweeping and mopping or vacuuming, trash removal, and dusting are common for this area. If you have water features, plants or live greenery, or other special features, note how those should be cared for, who provides the care, and at what frequency.

Reception/ Waiting Room – often the first area seen by visitors, the reception area should be kept clean, especially in high traffic locations. Trash removal, flat surface sanitation, dusting, sweeping/vacuuming, straightening out of rugs and anything clients may touch, such as magazines on the tables, brochures, or toys, wiping door handles and glass panels, and dusting of shades/blinds, are all common in this area.

Break room/ Kitchen – this shared space can become messy rather quickly as employees likely eat breakfast (and spill coffee), and lunch in the area. Multiple people, germs, and hand to mouth contact can make this area a high priority for sanitation. Wiping appliances, disinfecting tables and counters, removing trash, dusting, sweeping and mopping are all common tasks in this area and can be done as frequently as daily, or can be done several times a week.

Bathrooms – bathrooms are also a high priority for sanitization, with a special focus on preventing cross contamination. Special care is given to never use the same rag on toilets or urinals that is used for sinks, door handles, or stall walls. Sanitation of all areas, cleaning of mirrors, trash removal, and refilling of bathroom supplies such as paper towel, toilet paper, and soap.

Offices – office space, including cubicles should be dusted and flat surfaces wiped with a disinfectant on a regular basis to destroy germs and bacteria to reduce the spread of sickness. Trash removal should also be done at least weekly.

Specialty Rooms – rooms with unique purposes, such as gyms or classrooms, exam rooms or industrial spaces should be cleaned based on frequency of use and with the best disinfectants for the job at hand.

Specialty Cleaning – cleaning prior to or following a tenant move-in/out or construction project is also something you may want to consider when hiring an office cleaning company. These one-time projects can easily be added to a regular scheduled clean by your cleaning crew.

AAA Building Maintenance is happy to meet with you to determine your unique office cleaning services challenges and will provide you a quote that covers your needs. Whether you need a temporary or one-and-done cleaning, or regular, on-going cleaning, we are certain you will obtain the cleanliness and sanitization you require. Call today to schedule your free building audit at 303-716-2802.

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