In Denver’s competitive employee recruiting environment all the little details can make a difference in attracting top talent, retaining them and making sure they are able to be productive when they are at work. Your people are your largest capital investment so make sure that you take care of the environment in which they work.

Clean buildings increase employee morale and productivity and decrease absenteeism and turnover.
No one wants to work in a dirty building. If your bathrooms and other shared areas aren’t clean, your staff may be less inclined to come to work—temporarily or permanently. Why does this matter? Because regardless of whether you pay them or not, the work still needs to get done. Whether that means overtime for another employee, hiring a temporary employee, or searching for someone new to fill the position, the result is extra expenses that could have been avoided.

In fact, studies performed by Dr. Michael Berry—a retired scientist with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for 28 years and research professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill—show that a clean, healthy environment increases employee morale and productivity and decreases tardiness, sick days, and turnover.

The bottom line is this: Ensure a clean, safe working environment and your employees will reward you with their respect, loyalty and hard work.

Clean buildings promote healthy children and help our schools save money.
Children are prone to catching and sharing bugs, from the common cold to the latest strain of flu. And yet, schools are paid by the number of children who come to class each day. A dirty school building fosters the spread of disease and results in more sick kids who must stay home, ultimately reducing funding for the school. This is also true for teachers, who work closely with children and often catch what’s going around. When teachers stay home sick, they still receive pay, but the school must also hire substitutes. This taxes the already stretched budgets most schools must operate under.

The lesson here is clear: Clean schools promote healthy children and teachers who come to class more often. Our children get the education they deserve while schools generate more funding and reduce expenses related to staffing issues.

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