Several commercial building owners and commercial space tenants choose to use janitorial services to support their cleaning needs. But, what types of businesses use janitorial services, and which ones shouldn’t? Let’s take a look at what makes using a janitorial company a good fit (or not) for your business.

Do all cleaning companies do the same thing?

No. Overall, a good janitorial company will provide a checklist of the services they do and don’t provide. Some are industry specific, meaning they may not service your business, while others may be specialized in a type of cleaning, use specific products, or even offer expert services that may or may not meet your needs.

It’s important to know what you need to have done, and how often, to narrow down which janitorial companies to consider. Because all janitorial service providers vary, it’s a good idea to be prepared with questions to ask to determine if they are in alignment with your business (and personal) goals.

What questions should I ask when interviewing for janitorial services in Denver?

Start with what is most important to your business mission. This may mean you want to find a company that uses environmentally sound products, or understands the importance of blood borne pathogens because you have medical equipment onsite.

Next you will want to make sure they service your industry and area. Ask when they perform services and any pertinent information related to your industry, such as credentials for HIPPA compliance, background checks and more.

Ask about current and potential future needs, as well as services they may or may not provide that you need help with. You may be surprised to hear they know someone who is the best in the industry, or they may need to know your needs to help better do their own jobs.

Finally, ask if they provide a complimentary assessment and request one. This will help you to meet a company representative to better understand their style and level of professionalism. It will allow them to see your property, walk through it with you answering and asking questions, and provide a fair quote for their services.

What are janitorial services responsible for?

What your specific janitorial needs are need to match the skill set of the company you hire, so this question isn’t fully able to be answered. In general, most commercial cleaning companies are responsible for:

  • Trash/recycling removal
  • Dusting/sanitizing flat surfaces
  • Wiping handles/doorknobs
  • Cleaning interior glass
  • Removing cobwebs
  • Floor care (sweeping, mopping, vacuuming)
  • Restocking supplies (hand soap, paper towels, toilet paper, etc.)
  • Sanitizing bathrooms

From there, additional services may be requested, based on what the specific company provides.

What type of businesses use janitorial services?

Almost all commercial space could utilize the services of a janitorial company. Most often, businesses who use commercial cleaning companies include:

  • Mixed office space
  • Education/ schools
  • Medical facilities
  • Dental offices
  • Veterinarians
  • Manufacturing/Industrial
  • Tech/Communications
  • Consulting/Coaching
  • Therapists (mind and/or body)
  • Co-working spaces
  • Service industries
  • Retail centers
  • And more.

Some businesses or industries would only use janitorial services when there is a tenant move-in or move out, such as in office space, storage spaces or rentals. Businesses that don’t have property, only land, or use farm or residential space would also not be good candidates for janitorial services.

Some businesses with high security needs, volunteer workers, or other highly sensitive equipment or needs, may require in-house staff rather than a cleaning company in order to meet their highly specialized requirement.

What if I’m not sure?

If you aren’t sure whether or not your business makes sense to partner with a professional, commercial cleaning company, give us a call. We are happy to help explain how the process works, see your space and perform a complimentary audit, and refer you to the best options for your specific needs.

Often, outsourcing any task can feel overwhelming, but that is quickly dissolved once there is a friendly interaction that offers education and support. Asking and answering questions is a big part of a janitorial company’s job. It helps to uncover goals and expectations and aids in communication for a long lasting, working relationship together.

AAA Building Maintenance is happy to meet with you to determine your unique office cleaning services challenges and will provide you a quote that covers your needs. Whether you need a temporary or one-and-done cleaning, or regular, on-going cleaning, we are certain you will obtain the cleanliness and sanitization you require. Call today to schedule your free building audit at 303-716-2802.

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