Is your business considering hiring a facilities services company? Wondering if it’s the right idea for your company and, more importantly, for your company’s budget? Let’s look at a few things to help you decide.

Defining Facilities Management

There’s no way around it. The definition of “facilities management” is a boring one but here it goes: According to Central Washington University, facilities management are maintenance activities [that] include keeping spaces, structures and infrastructure in proper operating condition in a routine, scheduled, or anticipated fashion to prevent failure and/or degradation.

You may be wondering if you need a facilities services company. What can they do that your janitor can’t do? Do you really need to spend the extra money? The building looks okay to you. Well, maybe it does…and, maybe, it doesn’t.

Cleanliness Matters

Dr. Michael Berry of the University of North Carolina says:

“The benefits of working in a clean, healthy environment cannot and should not be underestimated. Smart companies that make cleanliness a part of their business culture understand that cleaning doesn’t cost—it pays. Believe it or not, the level of cleanliness directly impacts the success of your business.”

Knowing that an unattractive, less-than-clean building can negatively impact your bottom line, doesn’t facilities services sound like a worthwhile idea?

But all facilities management companies aren’t the same. Each company offers a slightly different set of services and you should review those in your analysis to make sure you are getting all the services you need at a fair price.

3A Clean offers both as needed (such as a construction clean up) or regular, on-going scheduled service. Our floor maintenance programs include specialized cleaning for carpets and tile as well as wood and stone floors. Our window washing services cover both interior and exterior glass, from single stories to high-rise buildings.

In addition, 3AClean’s Facilities Services include the following:

  • Detail cleaning
  • Floor care
  • Glass cleaning
  • Trash removal
  • Bathroom sanitation
  • Dusting
  • Sanitation of kitchens and breakrooms
  • Sanitation of desks and flat surfaces
  • Other janitorial needs as required
  • Pre- and post- construction cleaning

What Types of Businesses Use Facilities Services?

Facility management and maintenance companies offer a range of services that impact the bottom line with customers, prospects, visitors, and employees to your business. Some of these types of businesses include:

  • Medical / Healthcare
  • Commercial
  • Education
  • Industrial
  • Construction
  • Property Management / Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Banking/Finance
  • Distribution / Supply Chain
  • Logistics
  • Grocery / Convenience
  • Childcare
  • Communications

A building audit and needs analysis should be done prior to signing a contract with any facilities management company. An assessment will consider all aspects of your business including looking at what’s already in place, what may be required in the future and what upgrades may be warranted. It’s also good to consider how and when the business is used and accessed, such as security measures and when it makes the most sense to have cleaning services performed.

Choosing a Good Facilities Services Company

A good facilities services management company will consider all the factors of your business and how you conduct it when devising a plan for your company. They should increase uptime and help you get the most out of your facilities during working hours. They ensure cleanliness, safety and aesthetics.

Outsourcing is one of the most cost-effective choices you can make in facilities services, unless you need full-time or around the clock support. Outsourcing allows you to control costs and have specialized staff trained in the most recent industry standards. It also allows on-site staff to focus on their core business functions, rather than the intricacies of sanitization, chemical use, product safety and usage, and the like.

The main goal of any facilities services company should be to protect their client’s assets and to keep the facility clean. That’s their number one job. Look for a single, reliable, and bundled service that meets your current and anticipated future needs.

About 3AClean

3AClean is a facilities services company that customizes its cleaning programs for every property. With standard janitorial services, as well as specialized property management services and construction cleaning, we have the skill and diversity to meet your needs. Call today to schedule your free building audit at 303-716-2802, and ask about our new free virtual commercial tours for improved efficiency with facilities services.

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