You want your workplace to be clean and attractive – a place where both your customers and your employees want to spend their time and do business. So then we are faced with the question of how to do that. The answer leads us to janitorial services, but we may then question knowing who to choose and what the difference is between janitorial and facilities services. Let’s take a look at both to help you make a decision as to which one you need, and when.

What are Janitorial Services?

Janitorial services are involved in the performance of regular cleaning and maintenance, performing those duties that ensure that your workplace is ready for visitors and for business. This can include services that need to be performed on a regular, if not daily, basis, such as cleaning and sanitizing rest rooms, employee lounges, break rooms and kitchens; floor sweeping and vacuuming, dusting, and trash removal. These types of services are typically performed on scheduled basis, whether daily, weekly bi-weekly or other, depending on your needs. Janitorial services are most commonly used by businesses that don’t have dedicated employees for these functions or who are just too busy with their normal job duties to do these tasks.

Janitorial services staff are trained in methods to reduce or eliminate cross-contamination, proper use of cleaning agents and equipment to insure a sanitary, safe and attractive environment.

When you decide that you need janitorial services, make sure that the services they provide will meet your needs and that they can scale up as your business grows. When you retain a janitorial service, you will establish their cleaning schedule and determine the level of service that needs to be achieved to meet your standards. It’s a good idea to check references and get some feel for the experience of others that have hired the service – their satisfaction level will probably be a good predictor of yours.

What are Facilities Services?

When your cleaning needs go beyond simple daily maintenance, it’s time to consider hiring a facilities services company. These organizations handle more in-depth and labor-intensive cleaning tasks and are usually retained on a regular, but not daily, basis at specific times through the year. For example, while a janitorial service may vacuum carpets on a daily-to-weekly basis, a complete carpet shampooing may only be required once or twice a year and this is where a facilities services company comes in.

Other cleaning services that might fall into this category include power washing building exteriors and parking areas, floor resurfacing, outdoor window washing, deep cleaning tile, fixtures and furniture, and upholstery cleaning. Some Facilities Service providers will also perform general maintenance such as repairs, preventative mechanical care, inspections, replacing of batteries and bulbs, and the like.

Do I need Facilities or Janitorial Services?

Depending on the nature of your business and your specific needs, you may need both janitorial and facilities services. Keeping your business clean and neat maintains your good image and your reputation. Some companies, such as AAA Building Maintenance can handle both janitorial and facilities cleaning services, so no matter what your needs, you are covered! Whether large or small commercial space, AAA can continue to grow with you and keep your space well cared for, both inside and out.

Denver based AAA Building Maintenance  uses highly trained employees and chemicals specifically formulated for the specialized task at hand. Whether you need janitorial cleaning services, facilities support or both, we are here to help businesses obtain and maintain a level of cleanliness they desire. Call us today to schedule your free building audit and quote for your specific needs at 303-716-2802.

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