Property managers and building owners are always looking for ways to better manage their facilities. Increased efficiency and ease are often the goals, however elusive that is. Technology advancements continue to open up ways to create a lot of distraction (thanks, social media!) but also improve the way we manage things.

One of the ways technology is improving efficiency is with 3D virtual commercial tours. Unlike 360-degree tours that can rotate and simply show a space, a 3D tour includes the additional benefit of depth, allowing users to make accurate measurements of not only the space, but of objects in that space.

Improving Facilities Management

Why does this matter? Well for some companies or uses, it doesn’t. But for those looking to improve facilities management, it’s huge. It means that a virtual dollhouse copy of a building can be made, allowing shared views of a commercial property in true scale.

With this technology you are now able to gather important building information – without leaving your desk!

  • Need to know square footage of a space or combined spaces? Done.
  • Need to know how many windows are in the property? Done.
  • Wondering how many soap dispensers are in each bathroom? Done.

Implementing 3D Virtual Commercial Tours in Facilities Management

Using a specialized camera and AI technology, facility managers can look at their buildings in a variety of angles, such as:

Dollhouse view. This is a true scale 3D model that allows you to view a digital twin of your business from the wall-less outside. Rotate the view to see the building at any angle and gather measurements, see architectural details and get the big picture.

Inside view. Like a virtual reality walk through you building, look any direction to see true to scale of everything from windows to furniture.

Floorplan view. Look at the layout of any space from a roof-less bird’s eye view. Plan layout design, measure space, notate equipment or property and more.

These views patterned with the ability to make and attach notes and photos, are a dream come true for property and facilities managers.

The Benefit of a Digital Copy Plus Annotations

Imagine having a digital copy of your building that allows you to see where equipment is located, with notes attached to each item with data such as serial numbers, date and time of last service and manufacturer information.

Or consider how you could use it for inventory management including reorder details such as vendor, minimum and maximum quantities and date of last order.

All this information can be made available quickly to the person who needs it at any given time, improving the exchange of knowledge and communication.

How 3AClean Is Using This Technology

3AClean is the first Denver janitorial company to use this technology to aid their clients in truly remarkable facilities management.

We are better able to provide quotes for service as we can get more accurate (and easy) space measurements and truly understand the scope of the work without multiple in-person visits to the property. Providing the right crew for the job has now become easier.

We can better troubleshoot any issues that arise – from a retirement party in the breakroom that needs more attention during the next clean, to toilet paper dispensers that weren’t refilled in the last clean.

These 3D virtual commercial tours allow us to be on the same page as our clients, increasing communication and customer satisfaction. Sharing a single point of reference for building concerns allows us to respond more efficiently and effectively and helps us provide even more value to our clients.

The Future is Here

Virtual reality and AI will continue to develop, and we are excited to see the new ways in which it will be utilized and are proud to be the first to use the technology in this way in the janitorial industry. We are also thankful we are able to offer these virtual commercial tours for free to our customers.

We specifically work with medical/healthcare facilities, offices/multipurpose space, education centers and industrial buildings, but we understand with this technology, we will be able to serve more. We welcome your questions and want to help you create the ideal facilities management solution, so please call and talk to us about this exciting technology offering.

If you are looking for a cutting-edge janitorial company for your large commercial property and you see the incredible value this service can provide, call us today. We will provide you a free building audit and discuss your unique needs.

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