Cleaning before the holidays can allow for a lot less headache when it comes to cleaning up after the holidays. Delegating it to employees, who oftentimes during the holidays, are already feeling a bit anxious and overextended, are also not a good choice. Hiring an office cleaning company in Denver is a logical alternative to putting off what needs to be taken care of.

Getting your business in tip top shape to start off the new year is a great feeling, but it also can give new life to your business’ appearance and appeal to your customers. There are several things you and your employees can do to help the office cleaning company you have hired to help you get through the “most wonderful” time of the year.

Clear Out the Office Refrigerator

Start by letting staff know there will be a mandatory fridge cleaning. Anything that is not claimed or removed by the owner should be discarded on the day of the cleaning. A 48-hour deadline is sufficient for this. When cleaning day arrives, discard everything left, and set aside anything claimed. Clean inside, outside and under your fridge to prevent an abundance of dust and debris build up, as well as to help prevent unwanted infestations of insects or rodents.

Ask several office cleaning companies what they would charge to include an office kitchen deep clean. This will ensure that every single area of the kitchen, from the corners on the counters to the baseboards and floor, will be cleaned professionally, and therefore to a higher standard than if you simply delegated the jobs to your employees.

Clean the Area Around Desks

Most professional office cleaning companies in Denver instruct their professional cleaners NOT to mess with personal items left on or around desks. These are items such as coffee cups, and your child’s latest masterpiece as well as cupcake wrappers and mostly eaten bags of chips. It may seem obvious which of these items are trash and which are not, most cleaning companies have stuck with the “better safe than sorry” thought process when it comes to finding things on desktops.

Therefore, remove as many items from desktops as possible you can before the arrival of the professional cleaners will help make it possible to completely disinfect your personal workspace. This is essential during the holiday season, which is also the height of cold and flu season. Having nice, clutter free desks to come back to after spending time away from the office at Christmas is always nice. A clutter free work space has also been shown to increase productivity and makes for a more organized employee.

Get Everything Deep Cleaned

We mentioned that you should find out how much your office cleaning company will charge for a deep clean of your kitchen, and this is because not all professional work spaces have a kitchen available for employee use. However, your cleaning company SHOULD include deep cleaning anything that is across the board part of all commercial spaces. Double check that your office cleaning company in Denver covers all the basics. This includes but is not limited to:

Dusting away cobwebs. Dusting in all the corners and hard to reach areas should be part of their everyday cleaning, but ask about areas that may not be part of the regular cleaning that could need a deep clean. This could include ducts, furniture or shelves, art, or architectural elements that require a ladder to reach. They should get the dust out of all the areas that are difficult to reach and rarely cleaned otherwise.

Restrooms. Deep cleaning the restrooms in your commercial space, whether used by your customers or employees only, is EXTREMELY important! Deep cleaning your restroom will prevent that “funky” odor you’ll notice in some bathrooms. It also helps to prevent the spread of disease. Make sure the cleaning company will scrub the floors, walls, stalls, and of course, sinks and toilets. Extra-strength cleaners are typically used for bathrooms and they are cleaned extensively, but this may be the time of year for a deep clean of tiles, walls, stall walls, and vents.

Carpets and Floors. This is the perfect time to ask your cleaning company about getting up some of those stains on your carpets or restoring the shine to your hard flooring such as laminate. You may also ask them if they can repair any loose tiles. Some cleaning companies will do minor repairs at the request of the company or person who has hired them to do the work.

Having a clean and clutter free space to return to after ringing in the new year makes for happy employees and also doesn’t go unnoticed by the customer. AAA Building Maintenance serves the Greater Denver area’s commercial office cleaning needs and would like to earn your business. Whether you need a one-and-done cleaning, or regular, on-going cleaning, AAA will provide a quote, and exceed your expectations. Our range of services are sure to meet your needs and allow you to obtain the cleanliness and sanitization you require for your medical or healthcare office space. Call today to schedule your free quote at 303-716-2802.

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