Hiring janitorial services in Denver, Colorado is important, and it doesn’t have to be difficult. And whether you hire them in time for the holiday season, or another time of year, there are benefits to both. 

Why are janitorial services important?

Keeping a clean work space is important for several reasons, including:

Aesthetics. First impressions matter. Whether it’s customers or staff that enter your work environment, a sense of pride shows. One of the best ways to do this is through having a pleasant aesthetic. This means no dust and cobwebs or overflowing trash should be greeting visitors.

Health. Regular cleaning of office space helps to keep germs, bacteria and dirt at bay. Regular preventative cleaning allows staff to have a work environment that keeps them healthy and productive. Keep staff at work, instead of out on sick leave, by performing regular janitorial services.

Wellness. It isn’t just physical health that matters in a work environment, but mental health as well. Studies show that clean, well-kept office space fosters a more positive morale and a clutter free environment reduces stress and heightens productivity.

Safety. Safety is another important aspect of a clean work environment. Trash and clutter can easily become a trip or fire hazard, resulting in injury to workers and/or property. This can also result in heavy fines or insurance claims.

Hiring janitorial services for the holidays

As mentioned, regular day to day maintenance of work space is critical. However, cleaning during the holidays adds an additional measure of good tidings. Holidays can be a busy time for people, both in and away from work. Celebrations can lead to more people touching surfaces, more visitors, and more trash.

Additional time off can also cause a problem, as trash may sit unattended for longer periods of time, leading to potential pests. Insects and rodents are the last thing most employees want to return from break to find.

Staff may find themselves too busy to clean, or simply out of the office and unable to clean, so hiring janitorial services ensures cleaning happens whether or not business personnel is working.

What to look for in hiring a janitorial service in Denver, Colorado

Denver has some unique needs. Our year-round weather can offer any of the four seasons at any time, making it difficult to prepare for irregular weather conditions. This can create a safety problem – ice, snow, dirt and debris, especially this time of year, can be dragged indoors and regular janitorial services should be in place to address the hazard. Looking for the RIGHT janitorial company is the priority to create a safe, clean and aesthetically pleasing space.

When hiring a janitorial service, start with your network. Who do you know in your industry or as a peer who uses a janitorial company they are happy with? It’s important that the cleaning company services your type of business and property. Hiring the wrong company can lead to damages, cross-contamination issues, and potentially legal problems.

If you are involved with any business networking organizations, check to see if there is a janitorial service that is recommended. Check online reviews and testimonials, and ask for references if you don’t see any. Give yourself a few options of cleaning companies to call and ask for a quote from. Use this time to see how they treat you on the phone, and in person.

Talk to references or look at reviews to see what trends develop around what they do well and where they fall short. Ask the company how they resolve any problems that arise, if they have contract terms, and what is included and excluded in the services they provide. Make sure you know what you need them to do specifically, and at what intervals, so it is clear whether or not they are able to meet your needs and expectations.

Finally, find out about the hours they provide service and how they handle keeping your property secure. This will involve questions about who manages the keys/key cards and who has access to the building when. Ask about background checks, the types of chemicals used, and how supplies are managed. All these answers will demonstrate their level of professionalism and accountability – both important for hiring honest, reliable and trustworthy janitorial services in Denver.

3aclean may be the commercial cleaning company in Denver you have been looking for. With standard janitorial services, as well as specialized property management services and construction cleaning, we have the skill and diversity to meet your needs. Call today to schedule your free building audit at 303-716-2802.

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