AAA Building Maintenance Healthcare Services

AAA Building Maintenance Healthcare Services in Denver, Colorado

Hospitals, medical office buildings and surgery centers require detailed, high-level cleaning programs—and AAA delivers. Our cleaning programs for the healthcare industry focus on two key objectives:

  1. reducing the spread of bacteria and viruses, and
  2. preventing cross-contamination.

We achieve these goals through the use of highly-trained personnel, specially-formulated cleaning chemicals, and cutting-edge tools. We can help your patients stay healthy by keeping the germs that cause hospital-acquired infections at bay.

AAA’s healthcare services include:

  • Medical Office Building Cleaning
  • Ambulatory Surgery Center Cleaning
  • Environmental Services Cleaning
  • Outpatient Clinic Cleaning
  • Operating Room Cleaning

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Healthcare Services

More than 20 states across the nation require hospitals to release their infection rates. With access to this information, patients are now choosing their hospital based on cleanliness and infectious disease rates, forcing hospitals with higher infection rates to quickly find ways to do better—or lose patients, revenues and their reputation.
~Johns Hopkins Medicine

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