Denver natives know that the fall can bring 80 degree weather, snow, both, or anything in between. This can make office cleaning particularly tricky, as urgency can quickly change to protect staff and patrons from dangerous situations, or from the mess the season can blow in. Everyday tasks may need to be put on hold for the sake of office cleaning.

Office Cleaning for Denver in the Fall

Fall is a great time to clear things out in preparation for winter. Just as some animals store up for hibernation, you can use the fall to prepare for the season change, and get a fresh start as you move into the new year. Here are some tips to help direct you.

Get an Overview of Your Office Cleaning Needs

Start by getting an overview of what needs to be accomplished. List the different areas to be cleaned or organized and what frequency they should be done. Be ready to edit this list after you’ve done the following steps. This will help you maintain the tasks and eliminate redundancies or obsolete ones. For example, you may list that boxes in the kitchen need to be sorted, and once that’s done and the supplies have a new home, you may create a rule that boxes are no longer stored in the kitchen.

Once your list is finalized, note who is responsible for each area and/or task, and how often it should be handled. Remember that some tasks will be done at greater frequency than others. For example, restrooms may be cleaned daily and floors vacuumed weekly. Dusting blinds may only happen quarterly, and duct cleaning may happen annually. Take into consideration all the office cleaning tasks that may need to be performed over the course of the year. After all, the new year is just around the corner and you can implement your plan right away.

Consider if outsourcing your office cleaning is better than doing it in-house, and/or what tasks, if not all, should be included in that service.

Do a Systematic Sort

Next, choose an area of focus and begin sorting items that need to be cleaned, organized, thrown away, or repurposed. Just as you may change out the wardrobe in your closet as seasons change, consider what is needed now, needed later, or needed never.

Sorting is a good time to take inventory and check items for needed updates. Consider areas such as:

Waiting room/reception: How is the furniture? Is there anything that needs a deep clean? Replacement? Repair?

Offices: Is everything in working order? What is needed for greater cleanliness or organization?

Restrooms: How are supplies? Is there too many or too few of anything? Is everything functioning? Are they regularly cleaned with appropriate disinfectants to reduce the spread of germs and disease?

Conference rooms: Check furniture, equipment and supplies. Is there anything needed to make the space more functional or more attractive? Are there things that don’t belong or that belong elsewhere?

Breakroom/kitchen: Again, check furniture, appliances and supplies. Is everything functioning? Are there items being stored or otherwise shouldn’t be in this space? Does it require a deep clean?

Discover What You Can Toss

As you inventory and sort each space in your Denver office, consider what items can be tossed or repurposed. Be realistic. It’s ok to throw away pens that don’t write. It’s ok to recycle the box of scrap paper from last decade. You have permission to recycle that old equipment. It is time to finally let go of those things you thought you would fix and never got around to doing. Open unlabeled boxes that have been stored and take action.

Get to Cleaning

What you don’t throw away that is still usable, clean. This can include keyboards, phones, monitors, printers, desks and chairs. Wipe dust from flat surfaces, dust corners and vents. Clean glass surfaces. Vacuum, including behind and under furniture. Make it a game to discover the homes of dust bunnies and spiders and get rid of them.

Begin to Organize

With clean files, sparkling and functional equipment, and fresh space, put things where they belong. If they don’t have a home, create one. You may have found unused supplies while sorting, so put them to use.

Finally, Prepare for the Changing Season

And finally, prepare. Prepare for the winter and for the new year. Put a broom near entrances to push away leaves and dirt that likely will blow in. Be ready for snow as well, and put hearty door mats and salt where people may be coming in from outside with mud and slush on their shoes.

Create an action plan for emergencies, including keeping entryways safe and clear, and cleaning up dirt and debris that is brought or blown in.

If managing your own office cleaning in Denver has become too much for you and you’d like another option, contact AAA Building Maintenance for a free building audit. We will meet with you to determine your unique office cleaning needs and provide a non-obligation quote for our services. Whether you need a deep clean, remodel cleaning, or regular, on-going cleaning, we are certain you will obtain the cleanliness and sanitization you require. Call today to schedule your free building audit at 303-716-2802.

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