Office cleaning is unique from other types of cleaning. Each business offers a different type of challenge, and quality office cleaning services must be able to navigate these needs in order to provide the level of service you require. Here are some of the office cleaning challenges we have seen, and how we have overcome them.

When Is the Best Time to Clean?

When cleaning your home, most people choose to do it when no one is there. Parents are off to work, kids are at school, even the pets may be restrained or with a sitter. The benefit of this is that a worker can do everything they need to do without interference, making it more efficient.

The same is true with office cleaning services. Most companies will want to do their work when employees and patrons are not using the facility. This means working with a company who provides after hour service is very important in commercial office cleaning.

Some companies prefer cleaning staff to be on-site when patrons and employees are there, to ensure on-going cleanliness. There are also companies who provide services around the clock, but usually have a time when staff needs are low, allowing for an optimal cleaning time.

The best time to clean will really depend on your specific needs and budget, and working with a company who provides 24/7 service – whether that’s to answer your calls during business hours or providing office cleaning services after hours.

How Often Should We Clean?

Along with the best time to clean, is the question of frequency of cleaning. Again, the answer lies within your goals and budget. Some companies prefer cleaning be done on a weekly basis, while others want office cleaning services several times a week.

A church with two weekly services may desire a cleaning immediately before the congregation will be using the space, while a staffing agency may only want a cleaning on the weekend before staff return on Monday. Your cleaning company will ask lots of questions to understand your business and your needs to help you come up with a schedule that makes sense for cleaning.

Cleaning companies with the agility to clean only certain areas on certain days, or perform deep cleanings or special event clean-up, for example, can be a tremendous resource for your overall office cleaning needs.

On-going Training

On-going training is important for cleaning companies so they can stay up on best practices including avoiding cross-contamination, proper use of equipment, safety/disease control, and green cleaning.

When cleaning staff don’t have proper training, cross contamination – such as when a towel used to clean a restroom is also used to clean a desk – there can be serious ramifications. On-going training ensures cleaning staff are properly mitigating risk by properly disinfecting areas by using the right products and procedures.


Ongoing cleaning at regular intervals helps keep areas from becoming overwhelmingly dirty and uncared for. In offices, especially large ones, certain areas can easily be missed. A systematic approach by your office cleaning service professionals ensures no area is missed. Some areas may be restricted to certain personnel, and a cleaning company understands there are sensitive areas, especially when it comes to client and employee information. Solutions to this can include screening and granting clearance to the cleaning company staff or handling the cleaning of that area to your own cleared staff.

Work with your chosen cleaning company to create a cleaning schedule that tackles all areas you wish to have addressed, including hallways and stairs, lobby and waiting areas, and even outdoor space and windows. If they aren’t able to do the work, they will likely have industry recommendations for you.

Questions for Overcoming Office Cleaning Challenges

Here are some questions to ask of your cleaning company (or one you are considering) to help you make the best choice:

Are you accessible 24/7? What does that look like in terms of after hours service?

How are your cleaning staff trained? Are they trained for cross contamination, OSHA safety, blood born pathogens, bathroom cleaning, green cleaning, cleaning the specialty needs you have, etc.?

What areas does the company specialize in? For example, do they focus on medical facilities, industrial space, general office cleaning, or certain industries?

What type of schedule is suggested for your unique space? How do they ensure safety, efficiency and consistency?

What range of services are offered? (And more, is that sufficient to meet your office cleaning needs?)

AAA Building Maintenance is happy to meet with you to determine your unique office cleaning services challenges and will provide you a quote that covers your needs. Whether you need a temporary or one-and-done cleaning, or regular, on-going cleaning, we are certain you will obtain the cleanliness and sanitization you require. Call today to schedule your free building audit at 303-716-2802.

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