Why Medical Office Healthcare Cleaning Services Are Important For Your Patients

Medical office healthcare cleaning services are probably the last thing the patient who comes to you is thinking about, but when they arrive, they will judge the quality care based on it. But cleanliness is more than what can be seen, which is why medical office healthcare cleaning is so important.

Appearance is Almost Everything

They say first impressions can’t be remade. Especially in a medical office, the appearance of cleanliness is critical for patients to have trust in the healthcare providers they are there to see. While the patient may have a disorganized home, seeing clutter, full trashcans, and dust in a medical office isn’t acceptable.

Of course, the quality of care is the most important thing for patients, but will they return if they don’t feel safe or secure in the cleanliness of the office? A professional medical office healthcare cleaning company can improve your first impression by keeping the space in better shape than the patient’s own home.

Avoid the Spread of Disease

Regardless of the time of year, sickness can spread, and fast. Keeping staff healthy and safe includes effective cleaning. While they are doing a daily disinfecting of most equipment, medical personnel aren’t usually responsible for cleaning common areas or non-medical areas, such as staff bathrooms and kitchen areas.

Disease can easily spread through contact that isn’t properly cleaned, sanitized or disinfected. Proper procedures and products need to be used in specific areas in order to ensure germs, bacteria, and viruses are not spread.

Stop Cross Contamination

Cross contamination happens when bacteria from one area is transferred to another. It is always important to prevent cross contamination, but in areas where sickness and health share space, it is critical. Properly trained and professional medical office healthcare cleaning professionals use different cloths for inside restrooms, toilets/urinals, flat surfaces, and glass surfaces. This ensures the right products are used in the area for optimum cleanliness, but also to prevent cross contamination.

Healthcare Associated Infections

Not all janitorial companies are specifically trained as medical office healthcare cleaning professionals, nor are residential maid services. Healthcare associated infections, or HAIs are so

frequent (an estimated 5-10% of hospitalized patients, resulting in 99,000 deaths), that government based program funding is tied to how well facilities prevent them.

It is becoming a trend and best practice for medical office healthcare cleaning to be outsourced to professionals to reduce and prevent HAIs.

Denver based AAA Building Maintenance uses highly trained employees and chemicals specifically formulated for the specialized task at hand. Don’t trust your medical office healthcare cleaning to just anyone! Let AAA Building Maintenance help you obtain and maintain a level of cleanliness you desire. Call us today to schedule your free office or building audit and quote at 303-716-2802.

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