When it comes to cleaning medical and healthcare space, a standard janitorial company just won’t cut it. Employees who are trained in the medical industry are also not best suited for healthcare cleaning, as they need to focus on patients and productivity, not cleaning tasks. When it comes to healthcare cleaning services, it is important to hire a team who has the skill and time to get the work done right. If you are considering hiring a new cleaning crew for your medical or health care office, here is what to look for:

Who Are the Staff?

Patient privacy and HIPAA compliance are critical in medical facilities. Janitorial staff assigned to clean your office and patient areas must be background checked to ensure there have been no issues in their past that could put your company, or patients, at risk.

Not only is privacy important, but also general security and theft. Ask the healthcare cleaning services provider if they screen employees and how they determine what staff will work in what areas. Find out what areas the cleaning staff will need access to and determine how to best keep private information safe, and how to avoid theft of equipment, supplies and even medication.

How are they Trained?

In a medical and healthcare facility, avoiding cross contamination is of top importance. Sick and well patients may be seen, and equipment can come in contact with biologicals that need specific treatment. To avoid the spread of germs and disease, the cleaning crew must understand the industry as well as the processes needed for a true sanitation, not just clean.

Healthcare cleaning services are specifically designed for medical spaces, and employees are trained in bloodborne pathogens and proper sanitation methods. Chemicals used for sanitization are used at the proper concentrations to be effective and safe, and on-site equipment can be used to prevent contamination from one location to another.

OSHA standards are followed for safety, and employees are up-to-date on any important immunizations and changes in the industry that could effect their role. Sanitary codes are followed, and Personal Protective Equipment is used as appropriate for each task. Ongoing clear communication must remain open to ensure everyone’s safety.

Effective and Efficient

Cleaning and sanitation needs to happen on a regular basis to ensure an effective clean. Healthcare and medical offices may be cleaned daily, every other day, or on another rotation to ensure the spread of disease is minimal. Short cuts in cleaning a medical space can be dangerous – so don’t skimp.

Healthcare cleaning services can be done after office hours so there is no interruption to staff or patients, while allowing the cleaning crew full access to every surface to be cleaned.

Areas to be Cleaned

Each healthcare cleaning services provider will have a schedule as well as task list for what needs to be cleaned/sanitized and when. Because medical and healthcare facilities are very mixed use, staff must have experience with a variety of cleaning methods appropriate for each area. Examples of this include:

Exterior: Trash removal, windows, doors, door handles

Waiting areas: furniture, magazine racks, coffee tables, toy areas, water coolers, dusting artwork, trash removal, sweeping/vacuuming/mopping

Office space: furniture, desks, phones, file cabinets, keyboards, blinds, glass, trash/recycling removal, equipment dusting, sweeping/vacuuming/mopping

Exam rooms: exam tables/chairs, counters, furniture, sink, drawer handles, door handles, door way/trim, dusting, blinds, shelves, and artwork, sweeping/vacuuming and mopping, trash removal

Bathrooms: sanitizing counters, sinks, soap and towel dispensers/dryers, restocking supplies, cleaning door handles and stall walls, toilets and urinals, sweeping/vacuuming and mopping, trash removal

Employee Breakrooms/Kitchen: sanitizing counters, tables, chairs, sinks, appliances, restocking supplies, sweeping/vacuuming and mopping, trash removal

Who is the Company?

If a cleaning company does not specifically state that they provide healthcare cleaning services, you can trust that they are not the right fit for your medical office space. Compliance, safety, security and unique pathogen exposure must be top priorities and the staff must be trained to handle the specific needs of multi-purpose space that includes medical/health areas. Choosing to work with a company without this skill set can be disastrous.

Not only could disease spread, but a provider’s reputation and even practice could be on the line for complaints of unsanitary conditions. Ask around, check references, check for business longevity, read reviews, and you will find the right healthcare cleaning services for your medical office.

AAA Building Maintenance serves the Greater Denver area’s Medical and Healthcare office needs and would like to earn your business. Whether you need a one-and-done cleaning, or regular, on-going cleaning, AAA will provide a quote, and exceed your expectations. Our range of services are sure to meet your needs and allow you to obtain the cleanliness and sanitization you require for your medical or healthcare office space. Call today to schedule your free quote at 303-716-2802.

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