Choosing the best commercial cleaning company in Denver starts with knowing what you need, and what the proposed company provides. From there, you will want to take a few more steps to make sure you are partnering with the professional and skilled cleaning service you want and need for your building or business. Here are some tips to help you discover the best one for you.


A simple internet search is where most people start to look for a commercial cleaning company, but that isn’t the only option. Check with organizations you are already part of to see if they have any recommended vendors. Ask peers who own businesses who they use and if they are happy with them. Create a list of about 3-5 companies who you’d like to interview to determine if they are the best commercial cleaning company in Denver.

Check Their Reviews

The internet is a great place for research, so use it to search for reviews of the companies you are interested in. Find out what other’s are saying – especially looking for trends in what tends to go wrong and right. Looking at trends, rather than just one review will help you get a better picture of the company.

If they don’t have reviews, ask the company if they have a reference for a current client. Follow through and call the reference and ask candid questions such as: What do they do well? What do you think could improve? Have you ever had a problem? How did they resolve it?

Likely, if the reference has had a problem with the provider, and are still a client, it means the commercial cleaning company is responsive and helpful enough to retain the customer. This is important as no person or business is perfect, but their customer service is critical.

Check Their Communities

Communities allow us to build relationships and have a way of keeping us accountable. For example, most scammers (such as roofers who come into town following hail season, only to take money and take off), aren’t part of a community – they come in, and then disappear.

Check out what commitment your commercial cleaning companies have to the community. How long have they been around? Who do they serve? Do they have a storefront or office staffed with real, local people?

Again, this comes back to customer service, and often this is related to their transparency and accessibility. If they are part of the local BBB, on a local board, or otherwise have local ties, this will put them towards the top of the list for best commercial cleaning companies.

Align Values

Not all commercial cleaning companies off the same services to the same industries. It’s important to know they align with you in multiple ways including:

  1. Industry served. If they don’t service your industry, there’s a reason for that. Find a commercial cleaning company who has the skills and knowledge to properly manage your building.
  2. Area served. Again, if they are the best in the town over, and don’t serve you, don’t hire them. Ask for other clients in your general area to be certain they come to you.
  3. Types of services. Some companies specialize in certain types of cleaning, such as deep clean, tenant move-in/out, construction cleaning and more. Be sure they can meet your current, and near future needs.
  4. Hours of operation. Most janitorial companies will work outside of normal office hours so they can work without interruption. Others work during operating hours to keep things clean during the most amount of traffic or use. Make sure the company you hire is able to work when you need them to.
  5. Commercial cleaning staff is often given access to areas others aren’t, and therefore security is important. Understand the security measures the janitorial staff is required to have, and if background checks are done. Be sure security measures align with your company standards and protocol.
  6. Some companies place high value on sourcing and using supplies. Sustainability and budget-friendly can be two of those standards, so be sure to ask how supplies are handled and maintained to make sure they are in alignment with your mission.
  7. Consider any other high values you or the company holds on either side to determine if it is a good fit in working together. Remember that your commercial cleaning company is a partner towards your goals, and therefore should be compatible for long term.

AAA Building Maintenance may be the commercial cleaning company in Denver and the Front Range area you have been looking for. With standard janitorial services, as well as specialized property management services and construction cleaning, we have the skill and diversity to meet your needs. Call today to schedule your free building audit at 303-716-2802.

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