The construction industry is ever-changing and adapting, especially when it comes to the different seasons, daily weather, and temperature fluctuations in Denver. This also means that the way construction sites are cleaned and maintained also changes accordingly. But what does that mean for you? Here are some really important ways in which construction cleanup services differ during the winter months.

Area of Focus

One of the main differences when it comes to construction cleanup in winter is the area of focus. During the warmer seasons, it is often more imperative to keep the outside spaces of a construction site cleaned up and functional. However, as the temperatures drop, many construction companies begin moving their work and their focus to indoor projects, as the outdoor conditions are not nearly as favorable. That said, the cleanup focus also shifts to indoor spaces, in efforts to keep the workers and workspace as useful and accessible as possible.

When all the workers and tools and equipment are all shoved into smaller, more confined spaces to keep everything warm and defrosted, it can create a very cluttered and dangerous environment. It is important then to keep indoor spaces safe, which means clearing construction debris promptly and being proactive when it comes to potential safety issues.

Tools and Equipment Needed

Another important difference in the construction cleanup process for cooler temps is the type of tools and equipment necessary to successfully accomplish the job. When it’s hot out, frost, ice, and snow do not come into play. However, when the freezing cold weather hits, these can complicate things by adding an extra layer of water to the surfaces of buildings, sidewalks, vehicles, heavy machinery, tools, and more.

Because of this, cleanup crews carry specific tools to help them de-ice and unfreeze things before they are able to commence with their cleaning efforts. Buckets of salt, shovels, heaters, and many other cold weather equipment can easily become an integral part of any construction cleanup as soon as the winter months hit.

Time and Effort

The time and effort needed to accomplish a cleanup during colder months can also change drastically from what might be normal in the summertime or spring. Workers who are cleaning up a construction site during the winter may need more breaks in order to warm their hands and feet and make sure they are staying nourished and hydrated. They may also have to work significantly harder, as the cold weather requires them to wear extra, heavier layers and expel extra energy to keep their bodies warm while also performing their duties.

Extra Safety Precautions

Snow, ice and mud can easily be tracked into your place of business during the winter months, making areas around entry ways particularly hazardous. Staying proactive to reduce slips and falls, both on the exterior and interior of your building become a significant priority.

The cleaners may also have to take extra precautions to make sure everyone is safe while on site. This includes but is not limited to non-slip boots/shoes that make it possible to trudge through snow and ice without slipping, packing extra layers of clothes in case of severe weather changes, and even arranging appropriate transportation in case of a vehicular emergency.

Special care is taken by the construction clean up crews to ensure entryways stay safe for all who may cross the threshold into your business, including sweeping up salt, rocks and other debris and mopping up water, ice, snow, mud and other slick substances with extra attention.

At AAA Janitorial, we have all the skills, tools and equipment needed to keep your construction site clean and safe all year long–even during those dreaded winter months! Our effective and responsive janitorial and building facilities service didn’t happen by accident – it has been accomplished through hard work and genuine concern for our clients. We meet or beat any expectations you have for construction cleanup in Denver. Our employees are trained for, and take pride in maintaining your building to the high standards required by hospitals using the latest in EPA registered disinfectants and the latest in cleaning technologies.

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