When using facilities services in Denver, things don’t always go as smoothly as you may have planned. No matter how some commercial janitorial and cleaning services present themselves, you may find they spend less time making your business sparkle than they do their image.

Recognizing where facilities services providers can fall short allows you to better choose one that will best meet your needs and expectations. If unaddressed, these issues will pop up eventually, leaving you with a problematic janitorial service crew. Here are the top 4 reasons a facilities service provider can fail, and what to look for before hiring:

Inadequate Training

Receiving consistent, individualized service from your facilities services provider starts with training their crew in a systematized cleaning process. Employees must be properly trained not just for cleaning as they think works, but in the best practices for the industry to prevent cross-contamination and meet proper cleanliness standards.

Training must include how to use specialized equipment and the safe handling and use of various cleaners. Also included in this training should be the basics of restroom cleaning, interior office space cleaning, OSHA and other safety training, and, in some cases, blood born pathogen training and/or “green” cleaning.

We Document For Both Us and You

AAA Building Maintenance provides facilities services in Denver and we can show you our training processes as well as our employees’ ongoing training. We also are able to provide specialized teams trained to clean your school, medical, or industrial space.

High turnover

You may not even realize it, but this is a constant issue with lower wage jobs, and, it can become your problem too. For many facilities services companies, lack of benefits and competitive wages mean high turnover. This can lead to poor quality work and uncompleted tasks due to lack of training, experience, or even pride in one’s work. Constantly changing of onsite cleaners can cause perceived and real security concerns and a resulting diminished relationship.

With high turnover is also a high financial cost of turnover for the provider. These expenses have no outlet other than to be passed on to their clients – you.

We Track Because it Matters

By using measurable systems that insure individual accountability, offering competitive wages and benefits, and implementing strict hiring and training processes, AAA Building Maintenance is able to keep turnover low. Our team of high quality technicians make us one of the best facilities services in Denver.

Lack of Communication and Quality Assurance

Even if your cleaning and building maintenance service provider has the latest equipment and best crew, if there is a lack of communication, it will undoubtedly lead to a strained relationship between you and the facilities service. This then leads to subpar cleaning and complete dissatisfaction.

Sadly, there are companies providing facilities services in Denver who “lay low” and assume you will reach out to them if you have any issues. Some actually even avoid contact with already contracted customers, fearing the inevitable complaint.

An effective facilities services company will not avoid, but rather welcome any and all feedback. They realize they employ human beings who will make mistakes, or may have possibly misunderstood what is expected of them.

We are Proactive and Open to Feedback

By reaching out to their customers, AAA Building Maintenance can make any adjustments necessary to obtain the clean workspace you imagine and need. An effective communication system is in place and utilized so the customer knows who to go to with any issues and have their concerns addressed in a timely manner.

At AAA Building Maintenance our effective, responsive janitorial and building facilities service didn’t happen by accident – it has been accomplished through hard work and genuine concern for our clients. We will meet or beat any expectations you may have for any other company offering facilities services in Denver. Our employees are trained for, and take pride in maintaining your building to the high standards required by hospitals using the latest in EPA registered disinfectants and the latest in cleaning technologies.

Contact us today to schedule your FREE building audit and quote, or call 303-716-2802.

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