Have you ever wanted to explain something about the building to an absent owner, but really needed them to be able to see it to understand?

Have you ever needed to hire a contractor for a project and wished you could quickly and easily get measurements without leaving your office?

Wish you had a virtual tour to show prospective tenants?

3AClean is proud to add virtual commercial tours to their suite of services and is offering it free of charge to their janitorial clients.

What are virtual commercial tours?

Through the Matterport platform, we are able to see a virtual twin of your property from a variety of angles. This means property managers and owners can see digital models of their property from anywhere, making managing property needs easier.

How does it work?

Virtual commercial tours are powered by 3D reality capture technology. We simply walk through with a specialized camera with AI-enabled software and document the space to capture images. Unlike 360-degree tours where there could be visual lags and distortion, a 3D tour captures depth, allowing for precise spacial measurements that allow users to zoom in and out and look all around to create the virtual tour. The digital views are stored online on a platform designed specifically for virtual tours.

Used primarily in the construction and real estate industries, we have chosen to innovate by using this technology to create virtual commercial tours to better serve our janitorial clients.

What does it mean to you?

Because there are various views, you are able to see your entire property at a variety of angles. No more counting on your (or another person’s) “mind’s eye” or guestimate when planning maintenance. You also don’t have to wait for room measurements, window counts, structural features, or the like.

This tool creates a tremendous amount of ease for facilities management. Collaboration, documentation, and validation all become incredibly more efficient. The building digital twin allows for annotations that can flag specific areas that need extra attention or correction. This resolves any maintenance issues quicker and keeps the manager and crew on the same page.

Other annotations can be used for increased efficiency, such as tracking model numbers on equipment like HVAC systems and water heaters. Linking important pictures, data or specifications to the virtual tour are also simple and incredibly useful for facilities maintenance. And it’s not just rooms that can be measured – any object can be measured and annotated!

Overall, this innovation creates more transparency, efficiency, and communication.

What does this mean for us?

This new platform allows us to better and more thoroughly bid jobs as we have all the information we need at our fingertips, without having to “bug” you for measurements and property information. There’s no longer a need for several visits to gather information about square footage, flooring types, room types and quantities and much more.

We can even use it to determine how many restrooms there are, as well as how many dispensers and stalls so we can better maintain stock/inventory. This level of accuracy allows us to provide the very best crew for the unique needs at hand.

Who is 3AClean?

3AClean is the first janitorial company to offer this service for large commercial buildings in the Greater Denver area. We are excited about this offering and the benefits it will create for our clients, making our service more valuable and efficient.

3AClean serves the Greater Denver Area’s janitorial needs, specifically in the areas of Medical/Healthcare, Commercial Office, Education and Industrial space. Regular facilities management includes on-going cleaning for maintenance, health and safety. We also perform emergency cleaning, construction cleaning, and are known for getting unique cleaning jobs done when others can’t.

Our range of services are sure to meet or exceed your needs and expectations. As we continue to provide virtual commercial tours, we look forward to expanding its use and continuing to innovate the industry and beyond.

Call today to schedule your free building audit and to learn more about our new, free virtual commercial tour service for customers at 303-716-2802.

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