Virtual tours aren’t necessarily new to the real estate world, but they new in how they are being used for property management, and more specifically for us, in janitorial services.

Using virtual tours, we can now better manage changes, space measurements, problem/trouble shooting and more.

Using 3D Virtual Commercial Tours for Facilities Management

360-tours that many people use for real estate tours are designed to show a prospective buyer or tenant the space and layout. With 3D virtual commercial tours, however, the additional dimension of depth is added. This allows anyone (vendors, property managers, prospects, security, etc.) to get accurate measurements of the space, as well as any objects in that space. It is not a live video feed, but it creates a virtual, digital model that can be viewed in a variety of perspectives.

This means facilities management can be done remotely, if needed. For anyone who has had to stop what they were doing in order to perform a site visit, can understand how helpful it would be to share a digital view of the property with the interested party instead.

Contractors no longer will need multiple trips to measure or view the space in order to provide square footage based quotes. Virtual tours allow vendors to no longer make guesses “sight unseen”, as they can virtually see any space, including equipment. This reduces errors and miscalculations, saving time and money.

Examples of Use

Remodel. View the property in dollhouse view to get the big picture view of the 3-dimensional space. This would be ideal for a business wanting to replace flooring in a certain area, but not all areas. Measure the actual square footage for replacement, right from the digital copy, without disrupting the area which may have people busy with work. Make notations to specify any important details and look at the same space with the contractor so you are on the same page – and be able to refer back to it, without another site visit.

Janitorial Services. Use the inside view to look at architectural features, measure space, make notes and track supplies. Your commercial cleaning staff can manage your property to know how many offices, break rooms and bathrooms there are, ensuring nothing is missed. If personnel shifts happen, new staff can easily be shown supply rooms and know exactly how much refillable supplies are needed based on the number of bathroom stalls, soap dispensers and more.

Space Allocation. Digitally plan for furniture installations or space allocation adjustments without leaving the office.

Equipment data. Use the floorplan view to notate special equipment, including furnaces and furniture. Track model and part numbers, service information and more, along with specific locations. Attach photos and notes as well for even better data capture.

All these views are captured through 3D camera technology which captures true scale and allows for sharing. This simplified sharing of knowledge builds communication by creating easier points of reference for those not on property.

Better Property Management

Ever reaching towards improved efficiency, building owners and property managers need tools to open up the path for streamlined decision-making and maintenance. Technology continues to grow to meet these needs, sometimes with innovation, and sometimes by simply discovering new ways to leverage existing platforms.

3D virtual commercial tours do this by building on a great technology and using it to create a single digital source of information upon which property managers and vendors can rely. As the first Denver facilities maintenance companies to use this technology, 3AClean knows they will support their clients into the future of commercial property management.

The ability to better provide quotes for services, troubleshoot any problems, and provide the right crew and supplies for the job has never been easier. Without multiple trips to the property, we can be on the same page about spacial areas, and be more efficient and customer-focused.

About 3AClean

3AClean is excited for this new feature offered free for current customers. Serving the Greater Denver area’s janitorial needs is our passion, and we will continue to innovate in order to stay leaders in the industry. We offer state-of-the-art services that are timely and relevant to our customers, including those in the education, health/medical industries, office buildings and industrial spaces.

If you are looking for a cutting-edge janitorial company for your large commercial property and you see the incredible value this service can provide, call us today. We will provide you a free building audit and discuss your unique needs.

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