As an office manager, whether it’s a hat you wear, or your official title, it is part of your role to make sure the office is clean, efficient, and running smoothly. This can include a variety of tasks that make the office space a well-oiled machine designed to serve your clients – whether that is patients, students, customers – or staff.

As part of your role, you have to find ways to balance expenses in alignment with goals, and one question that may come up is discovering if commercial office cleaning services are worth it. The answer is in your goals and desired outcomes. We have listed some questions here to help you determine if commercial cleaning for your Denver office is in alignment with your goals.

Do your employees seem to take more than normal sick days?

If your employees tend to be out sick often, commercial cleaning services could help support a cleaner and healthier environment. Germs on surfaces, or even in air ducts, allow for easy sharing and spreading of disease and sickness.

By reducing sick time labor loss, you increase productivity, resulting in a healthier office space, and better bottom line.

Do you currently use regular employees to do the office cleaning?

Using current employees to do office cleaning may seem like it offers a benefit- no new hiring, no outsourcing. However, if the employee isn’t specifically trained in professional, commercial cleaning, they could be a liability, not an asset.

Injuries as a result of their cleaning, such as improper storage or use of chemicals, incorrect dilution, or using equipment poorly, can result in an ineffective clean, or injury to themselves or others. Does your worker’s compensation or insurance cover the potential costs a non-commercially trainer cleaner could cause?

Do you currently use cleaning personnel for commercial cleaning?

With outsourced commercial cleaning, you can likely save money on cleaning by only paying for what you need. If your custodial staff isn’t being used for the full hours they are needed, and you are paying for them, you are losing money. And it isn’t just in wages, but also benefits, including worker’s compensation, time off benefits, health benefits and more.

If the cleaning staff person is out sick, takes vacation or is injured, they will need to be replaced, even if on a temporary basis to make sure the level of cleanliness you require is met. With a cleaning company, if an employee is out sick, a replacement is seamlessly substituted for as long as needed, simply and easily.

Do you have safe space for the storage of cleaning supplies?

Keeping products and equipment on site can be a hassle for some companies. A dedicated space for cleaning chemicals and hazardous material sheet management is something many office managers don’t want to bother with.

A dedicated commercial cleaning service provides cleaning supplies, manages hazmat requirements, and is responsible for equipment and its use.

Do you have high employee morale?

Do you find employees stepping over trash, rather than picking it up? Do employees tend to overfill trash cans, or leave messes behind them? These can be a sign of lower morale. In general, a clean office space demonstrates to employees that their health and safety matter to management. When clean space is a priority and is role-modeled, it is often duplicated.

Could a cleaner, better maintained office space help with employee morale?

Do customers or vendors feel welcome in your office?

When clients come into your office space, do they feel comfortable or do they see dust and overflowing trashcans, or worry about sanitary bathrooms? When people visit, are they safe, or do you notice trip hazards or other problematic concerns?

Commercial cleaning services help to make sure your office space, regardless of who is visiting, is both aesthetically pleasing, but also safe, but being aware of any potential problems, and reporting or fixing them (if that’s part of their services).

Customers will want to return, and are more likely to refer others when they feel the space is safe, clean and inviting. What are you doing to insure that? What feedback are you soliciting and receiving from guests and staff about appearance, safety and cleanliness of your property? What steps are you taking to address it?

AAA Building Maintenance serves the Colorado front range area’s commercial office cleaning needs and would like to earn your business. Whether you need a one-and-done cleaning, or regular, on-going cleaning, AAA will provide a quote, and exceed your expectations. Our range of services are sure to meet your needs and allow you to obtain the cleanliness and sanitization you require. Call today to schedule your free quote at 303-716-2802.

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