Productivity, efficiency and profitability have always been the foundations of business. Today’s managers are forever looking for the key to improving employee performance, and there is no shortage of concepts. Some look towards lean manufacturing tools and business process improvement while others seek to foster creativity, unique benefit packages, and incentive programs.

One such suggestion for increasing employee productivity is the ideal of a lean office, a concept modified from the Lean Manufacturing Model. In a lean office, wasteful processes are examined. For some this means a clean, uncluttered desk and overall streamlined work environment. However, while some companies look to a “lean office”, we propose the idea of a “clean office” to promote employee productivity.

Office Cleaning and Employee Productivity

Studies have shown the negative effects of clutter on our general wellbeing. Employees can be distracted by clutter, reducing productivity and creating a feeling of overwhelm. Making sure employees have the tools, systems, and environment they need to be successful is the first step. Office cleaning helps employees have a success-ready, clutter-free space to work.

A clean office also creates an environment of professionalism. This is important to employees, clients, prospects, and even vendors who may come into your workspace. A clean foyer, reception area, shop area, and office space shows the company’s commitment to order.

It’s More Than A Clean Desk

More than professionalism and reduced overwhelm, having a clean office increases productivity by reducing employee sick days. Office cleaning by a professional cleaning company reduces surface viruses and bacteria found on desks.

Staff not specifically trained in janitorial techniques and supplies may not only not properly clean and sanitize the area, but could even become sicker. Staff can be expected to tidy up after themselves, but are not typically responsible for overall office cleaning such as bathroom sanitation, kitchen or breakroom cleaning or floor and glass maintenance.

Keep morale and therefore productivity high by using a professional office cleaning team who understands the best techniques to prevent cross-contamination and promote true cleanliness.

More Than Office Cleaning

Employee productivity can also come in the form of everything being in good working order. Commercial cleaning services who offer a full range of services can ensure everything is properly maintained in addition to being clean. Some of these tasks can include:

Post construction cleaning. Remodeling your space can decrease productivity by disrupting work flow. Office cleaning focused on cleaning before, during, and after a remodel allows work to resume as quickly as possible by creating a safe environment.

Power washing. Clearing parking lots, garages, or even siding can support a safe environment free of debris and pests.

Window Washing. High rise windows, including awnings and patios, as well as architectural features can be cleaned and cleared for health, safety, and aesthetics.

Specialized floor care. Tile, VCT, carpet, and hardwood can all benefit from professional cleaning to protect its longevity and reduce pollutants.

Better Allocation of Resources

Productivity is also increased through better efficiency. Several sources site specialization or specialized labor tasks as effective in productivity enhancement. In manufacturing, this is demonstrated through assembly line workers who work on only one piece of production, not on all. In an office setting, this is demonstrated through specialized workers, subcontractors, and even vendors.

Outsourcing office cleaning is one way to leverage resources to create additional productivity in your workplace. With specialized training, products and equipment, office cleaning professionals have what it takes to best use time and resources efficiently for better resource allocation.

AAA Building Maintenance uses highly trained employees and chemicals specifically formulated for the specialized task at hand. Whether temporary construction cleaning, ongoing janitorial services, or maintenance support, we are here to help businesses obtain and maintain a level of cleanliness they desire. Call us today to schedule your free building audit and quote for your specific needs at 303-716-2802.

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