It seems that keeping a place like a medical office neat, clean and tidy would be common sense. Unfortunately, despite many good intentions, medical offices don’t always receive the careful attention they need in order to keep staff and patients happy and healthy.

A Keen Eye

Consider how much scrutiny your patients give to the cleanliness of your medical office. They notice if the waiting room floor is swept, vacuumed or mopped. They take note if a doorknob is dirty or if the room has an unpleasant odor. They are aware of dust on the shelves or over full trashcans.

Imagine if a patient walked into an examination room and there were used gloves on the counter or a soiled tongue depressor sitting near the sink. These kinds of unpleasant, and quite frankly unsanitary, conditions and experiences are the exact ones that can cause your patients undue stress and discomfort. Instead they should be feeling welcome, at ease, and delighted to be visiting your facility, regardless of the circumstances which have brought them there.

More Than Clean: Sanitary

It is not enough for the office to look clean, it must be clean and sanitary. Avoiding cross contamination must be a priority as well to prevent the spread of disease or illness.

A clean medical office often means a happy, healthy patient. But that doesn’t just mean “good enough” clean. In order to provide individuals with the best experience possible while spending time at your medical office, it is important to ensure the environment is exceptionally tidy, sanitary, and squeaky clean.

Medical offices require the proper clean for the area – waiting rooms, exam rooms, bathrooms, kitchen areas – all have different protocol. This means the cleaning company must be able to provide the wide range of skills in order to do the very best job. This the exact type of clean that we at AAA Building Maintenance can help you achieve if you allow us to help.

Focusing on the Why

At AAA Building Maintenance, we focus not only on the “how” of cleaning, but more importantly the “why.” When you hire us to help maintain the cleanliness of your offices, your patients and visitors become our “why.” We don’t clean simply so that your building can look nice or be more aesthetically pleasing, though that is certainly a very legitimate perk. Rather, we clean to keep your people coming back, happy and secure in their choice to trust you as their medical provider. After all, nobody trusts a doctor who works in a dirty office.

Not only will your patients be happier when they walk into a clean waiting room, lab, bathroom, examination room, etc., but they are also significantly more likely to remain healthier. Germs are easily spread in environments that are only cleaned to the bare minimum of standards. A simple dusting and wipe down every few weeks are not nearly enough to guarantee the true sanitation of your medical office spaces.

This is why we at AAA hold ourselves and all of our staff to a higher standard. The health and wellness of your staff and patients are just one of the things we strive to improve through our dedication to a cleaner, safer building.

We are committed to you and your patients, and we will ensure that nobody is left feeling dissatisfied. Down to the last nook and cranny, we have you covered for any and all building maintenance needs. We are here to ease the stress of keeping up with the myriad needs of your building and to keep everyone who enters the premises as happy and safe as possible. When your patients leave your office with smiles on their faces, you can rest assured that you did your job, and we did ours–allowing everyone to thrive in a healthier and more positive work environment and healthcare setting.

AAA Building Maintenance specializes in commercial cleaning services in Denver and only uses highly trained employees and chemicals specifically formulated for the specialized task at hand. Whether temporary construction cleaning, ongoing janitorial services, or maintenance support, we are here to help businesses obtain and maintain a level of cleanliness they desire. Call us today to schedule your free building audit and quote for your specific needs at 303-716-2802.

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