You have heard about facilities services and office cleaning services in Denver and throughout the state, but what is the difference between the two? Are facilities services the same as office cleaning services? And most importantly, how do you know what the best choice is for you and your business?

Do I Need a Facilities Service or Office Cleaning Service?

Are facility services and office cleaning the same? The answer is: sometimes. Some companies use the words facilities services and office cleaning services interchangeably. Others use them differently and apply them to different industries.

If you own a business here in colorful Colorado, you likely understand the importance of keeping things clean, safe, and organized. Your business hinges on several major factors, one of which is the presentation and impression you give your employees and patrons. If your workspace is dusty, moldy, smelly, and disorganized, the chances are that not many individuals will look to you for the services you provide.

Your company cannot be taken seriously if it is not seriously clean. But you’ve heard all this before, and you know how important this is. So, what do you do next? Where do you look first?

How do you know what to choose? When looking to hire a facilities services company, or an office cleaning service in Denver, ask them questions about what they provide to see if it matches your needs.

An Example of Facilities Services

You can think of facilities services as “chores.” These are all the smaller things that you would do around your home in order to keep the dust off the shelves and the microwave from becoming too crusty. Facilities services in and around Denver offer things like vacuuming, bathroom cleaning, dusting, and general tidying up that you might need on a more regular basis. These services are often scheduled as-needed, and you may be responsible for providing much of the supplies needed for these services.

You might consider facilities cleaning if you have a staff meeting coming up and you want to make sure everything looks nice before discussing the new business plan or hosting your employees for a well-deserved pizza luncheon. These particular cleaning services are focused on the everyday tasks that can simply become mundane and even cumbersome when your own employees are expected to perform them on top of their regular jobs. You should think about outsourcing these kinds of services if you know that your staff members will not have the time or energy to tidy things up on a daily or weekly basis.

Hiring a company to provide facilities services is very helpful if you are looking for a small-scale cleanup crew to come in and do a little bit of scrubbing and spraying on occasion. It is also a great idea for smaller business with one or two offices that don’t require much upkeep.

An Example of Office Cleaning Services

Office cleaning in Denver varies greatly from facilities services in the same area. A good Denver office cleaning company will provide you with all of the deep-cleaning, bigger and harsher treatments you will need in order to keep your workplace safe and shiny all year round. Office cleaning services include everything from your everyday “chores” up to the things that you and your employees cannot do for yourselves, such as carpet cleaning, tile scrubbing, and furniture cleaning. You can expect a lot more from office cleaning services, as they are not meant to be as-needed, but rather scheduled, routine deep cleanings that will last for much longer than a simple as-needed surface cleaning.

The standard Denver office cleaning company will be able to offer you an expert staff who know exactly how to handle whatever your personal, individual needs may be. This can be advantageous if you have a larger office building with many employees and a busy schedule. You may be able to handle the smaller tasks like taking out the trash and mopping the bathroom, but deep cleaning the carpets and upholstery is a whole different story. That’s why letting an office cleaning specialist take care of the big stuff is a huge plus.

Hiring a reliable office cleaner in Denver is a must-have long term investment that will absolutely prove itself worthwhile after just one service. You will notice a boost in employee morale as they walk in each day to a beautiful, healthy workspace. You’ll feel great about it too when you can reach into the very back of your cabinets without worrying about cobwebs, or using the restroom you know was professionally sanitized to remove any and all yuck.

Whether a deep clean as needed, or on-going care, it’s important to know your space was properly cleaned and sanitized by your very own local Denver office cleaners.

AAA Building Maintenance is happy to meet with you to determine your unique office cleaning services challenges and will provide you a quote that covers your needs. Whether you need a temporary or one-and-done cleaning, or regular, on-going cleaning, we are certain you will obtain the cleanliness and sanitization you require. Call today to schedule your free building audit at 303-716-2802.

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