AAA Building Maintenance Testimonials

Over the past three years AAA Building Maintenance has provided outstanding service for the building. From the nightly cleanings to other necessities the building needs, carpet cleaning, floor buffing, we get 100 percent effort from your staff. We could not ask for a more professional and caring janitorial company then AAA Building Maintenance.

John & Sara   

I am writing this letter to recommend AAA Building Maintenance. My experience with AAA Building Maintenance has been over the span of two projects. During these projects, they have been exceptional in their responsibilities. All phases of the cleaning process were very thorough, complete, and most important of all, on schedule. This is one of the few subcontractors that need very little management as far as the General Contractor is concerned. Their on site and off site management is always there to assist in any way they can, even when it comes down to the last minute. In closing, AAA Building Maintenance is a very quality cleaning company that is great to work with.

Trent Lockett - Project Engineer, Buchanan Yonushewski Group, LLC   

Mortenson would like to thank AAA Building Maintenance for their excellent work on the Denver Art Museum. From our experience, AAA Building Maintenance crews under your leadership are very proactive and work well with our subcontractors. For example, we appreciate when you ask our grid ceiling foreman when he is planning to drop tile in a specific area, to know when AAA Building Maintenance will be required for an above ceiling cleaning. Then it pleases us when you check in with us to see when AAA Building Maintenance may perform this work to coordinate with our schedule. Because we are so busy out here, it makes our jobs easier to know you are anticipating work in these critical cleaning locations before we must tell you about them.

Mortenson also values that AAA Building Maintenance is thorough. When we ask AAA Building Maintenance to clean an area, we know it will be cleaned from top to bottom including all the nooks and crannies. The Denver Art Museum staff agrees that your teams cleans as well if not better than their own, and they have requested AAA Building Maintenance's services on occasion, when their cleaning crew is unavailable. One time the DAM light installation crews damaged their wood floors with burns from their lift tires. Your team worked on the spots and they disappeared!

AAA Building Maintenance also responds very quickly to situations as they arrise. We have had your crews come within an hour to address cleaning requests from the owner or to meet a schedule requirement that was overlooked. You always supply sufficient manpower to meet the time constraints of the work. Even with the DAM's demanding turnover schedule, you make an effort to understand our requirments and remember critical end dates to anticipate our needs. Thanks again for your conscientious and diligent efforts to keep our project clean!

Caryn Bohn - Quality Manager, M A Mortenson Construction Company   

We have contracted with AAA Building Maintenance since 2003 with very positive results. They have been very consistent and reliable in maintaining our building. With 6 tenants in the building, we have very different needs for each space which has been met. Their management has been very responsive with any issues that arise. I am happy to recommend AAA Building Maintenance's services.

Karen S. - Facilities Manager   

I had the distinct pleasure in working with AAA Building Maintence on one of our constructions projects recently at the Laramie Building in Golden Colorado. AAA Building Maintenance's vast knowledge in commercial building cleaning and their leadership abilities were essential in making this project successful. Due to the extremely tight scheduling requirements, decisions needed to be made daily, and AAA Building Maintenance were the catalysts in making sure all cleaning issues were addressed in a timely manner allowing the construction to continue without interruption or delay.

By keeping the communication line open on all levels, AAA Building Maintenance were instumental in not only developing a trusting relationship between the Owner, user and General Contractor, but also the subcontractors and fellow workers. AAA Building Maintenance created an environment that encouraged everyone to participate in solutions, which in return developed a sense of belonging. Ultimately, AAA Building Maintenance helps produce an on site construction team filled with trust, integrity, sincerity and a mutual respect forone another. AAA Building Maintenance are high achievers who set exceptional standards of performance, which allows everyone to win. Our relationship started the day they were selected to clean this project and will continue for many years to come.

Bret Bemitter - Project Manager, Haselden Construction, LLC   

I recommend AAA Building Maintenance for your cleaning needs. We are a construction company that requires detailed cleaning of our jobsites and AAA Building Maintenance performs well for us every time. We have consistently used AAA Building Maintenance for the last 8 years.

Katrina Bochy - Operations Manager, Spectrum General Contractors   

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