AAA Building Maintenance has been performing office cleaning in Denver for over 20 years, so we know the janitorial industry. We know commercial office furniture is meant to last a long time under heavy use, but without proper care, you may find yourself replacing it more often than needed. Regular wear and tear is to be expected, however with some preventative maintenance, your office furniture can last longer than your retiring staff. Here is what our two decades have taught us:

Be Proactive

Schedule regular check-ins and offer policies that allow employees to report office cleaning and furniture maintenance concerns. A small tear in a cushion or carpet can be repaired before it becomes a large hole requiring full replacement. All levels of staff from upper management to your janitorial company should be able to report concerns.

Check for and tighten any office furniture bolts and screws. Provide and encourage the use of floor mats, desk pads and coasters to prevent damage before it happens. Prohibit employees from sitting on the arms of chairs or reception furniture, or otherwise using it outside its intended use.

Know Your Furniture

Make sure you (and your office cleaning company) know what products can and can’t be used on all furniture and fixtures. Manufacturer care instructions should be part of any office cleaning protocol as the use of the wrong cleaner can damage surfaces. If in doubt, a microfiber cloth dampened with water is typically safe.

Leather must be kept out of direct sunlight and only be wiped with cleaners designed for leather products. Keep a leather repair kit handy for quick fixes before the issue becomes larger. Wood and metal furniture and fixtures should be wiped with a damp cloth. Ask your janitorial company what products they use to insure both sanitation and safety.

Deep Clean

Maintain a regular office cleaning schedule for a deep clean. This can include cleaning vents (inner and outer), wiping baseboards and clearing areas to reach behind them. It may also include cleaning windows and window sills, ceiling fans and chandeliers and more, not part of regular scheduled maintenance. Keep in mind janitorial professionals typically wipe handles and dust flat surfaces, but remodel/construction clean-ups or move-in/move-out situations will also require a deep clean.

Employees should also do a regular deep clean of their individual space including cleaning out desk drawers, filing papers, dusting in, around and behind their computers. Office cleaning staff typically don’t remove papers or “knickknacks” from desks, so consider how to handle employees with regular clutter.

Specialized Clean

Some facilities have special situations that require more specialized skills such as high-rise window cleaning, industrial area cleaning, floor maintenance and cubicle panel cleaning and repair. Cubicle fabric panels can collect dirt and allergens as well as get scuffed or scratched and can be easily overlooked in typical office cleaning practices.

As part of a regular office furniture maintenance plan, all areas of janitorial concern should be addressed. Creating a maintenance checklist can support the longevity of all your office furniture and fixture needs, creating a safe, attractive and professional office environment.

Denver based AAA Building Maintenance uses highly trained employees and chemicals specifically formulated for the specialized task at hand. Whether temporary construction cleaning, ongoing office cleaning services, or maintenance support, we are here to help businesses obtain and maintain a level of cleanliness they desire. Call us today to schedule your free building audit and quote for your specific needs at 303-716-2802.

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