Millions of people every year contract diseases they pick up in a medical facility. For this reason, it is extremely important to hire professionals for all your healthcare cleaning services. Hiring a professional healthcare cleaning service insures you will meet all health code standards, keeping your employees, as well as your patients, safe and healthy.

Not only will a professional healthcare cleaning service offer a variety of specialized services for your medical facilities, they also are staffed by employees who have acquired the skills necessary to become certified to use the specialized equipment and chemicals and to remain up-to-date on all codes and cleaning standards.

Why You Should Hire a Professional for Healthcare Cleaning Services

Need a few more reasons? Here are four major reasons you should be using a professional healthcare cleaning service:

OSHA Regulations. Not only do you need someone to do your basic cleaning services such as trash removal and bathroom cleaning, that person MUST be aware of OSHA regulations when doing so. For instance, an uncertified cleaning crew, or even someone staffed elsewhere in your facility you have delegated to the job, may not be aware of the regulations OSHA has in place regarding blood borne pathogens. If they do, they also should be aware of the best practices for cleaning and sterilizing medical offices. Someone employed by a certified healthcare cleaning service is kept up-to-date on all of these regulations and guidelines through regular and specialized trainings.

Specialized Training. Those you choose to have clean your medical facilities must be knowledgeable in the cleaning and sterilization of all surfaces, equipment, and instruments used. This may mean using cleaners that are not normally used in standard commercial facilities cleaning. Proper use of germicides as well as the proper application is required to know that all infectious bacteria is killed and all surfaces are completely disinfected. Whether cleaning the reception area or the exam room, it is the job of your cleaning crew to keep infectious bacteria from spreading.

Patient Retention. The satisfaction of your patients is what keeps your business profitable. If you offer a clean, sterilized environment, your patients will be happier and healthier. No one likes going to a hospital or other medical facility that appears to be in poor condition or, even worse, seems dirty. A clean facility will keep your patients coming back.

Cost Effective. Hiring an outside cleaning company that offers healthcare cleaning services is more cost efficient in the long term. If you were to decide to delegate the cleaning duties to your in-house staff, they would be required to receive specialized training so they could remain in compliance with the regulations put forth by ALL involved in the healthcare industry. This is ongoing and keeping all your employees in these specialized training courses would cost you much more in the end then hiring a cleaning company whose employees are already up to date on all training.

A Complete Clean

In medical office space cleaning, staff must know how to clean both non-medical space as well as medical, dental and/or lab space. Janitorial service providers who only clean non-medical space are well versed in trash removal, dusting, floor care, and restroom sanitation. Special care must be taken in medical spaces to ensure there is no cross contamination and proper sanitation in regards to biological and medical waste.

Janitorial crews who can handle ongoing medical as well as non-medical space cleaning means you will have a complete clean for your medical facility. Healthcare cleaning services are a specialized skill set not all companies provide. It is important that your janitorial service have the needed expertise.

At AAA Building Maintenance we are dedicated to keeping your medical facilities sparkling clean, sanitized, and safe with our healthcare cleaning services. We will maintain your medical facility to standards required by hospitals using the latest in EPA registered disinfectants and the latest in cleaning technologies. Call us today to schedule your FREE building audit and quote at 303-716-2802. Or contact us online for more information.

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