Creating an organized and efficient janitorial workspace is the first step in having a clean and well-organized office. Employees and guests alike treat an ordered space with a level of respect that a messy office space doesn’t get. Start with an efficient janitorial workspace to create a sanitary facility.

How to create an organized and efficient janitorial workspace

Time and again, we see overflowing trashcans that have trash all around the outside, simply because someone prior gave a bad example. The same is true of your janitor’s closet. Your janitorial workspace sets an expectation of how you would like the entire building to be cleaned and organized and leads to more productive cleaning staff. Here are four best practices for your managing your workplace janitorial closet.

Limit loss of efficiency by offering enough space

We understand efficiency of space is important. Having enough space for the janitorial workspace must be balanced between safety, organization and productivity. Make sure you have enough area to allow for both products and equipment, as well as any needed cabinets and/or shelves to organize them. Mops, brooms, vacuums, buckets, trashcans, cleaning supplies, and personal protective equipment, all need to have space and be easily accessible by cleaning staff for proper office and facilities cleaning.

“Give the custodians the tools they need or you may need more custodians.” Source: The Ideal Janitor’s Closet

If cleaning staff have to go to more than one area repeatedly to locate supplies, or need to shuffle things around to get to what they need, you will waste time and likely have inventory problems.

Keep records of janitorial supplies

Keeping records of all the supplies, equipment and cleaning chemicals stored in the janitorial workspace can help the cleaning staff know exactly what types of supplies are available and what may need to be reordered or restocked. The list should include the last date of order to easily see how quickly you are using a specific product, allow you to re-order appropriate amounts, budget better, and notice any areas of waste.

Overall, record keeping supports better inventory control which keeps costs down.

Keep your janitorial staff safe

Adding labels to chemical containers and cleaning supplies will help your crew easily identify what supplies to use in specific situations. Clearly labeled supplies will help prevent costly mistakes and prevent chemical contamination. Keep appropriate SDS sheets on hand to handle any chemical emergency. If storing large bottles of cleaner, make sure there is proper ventilation in the janitor’s station, or store them elsewhere.

Some cleaning chemicals can be dangerous or pose a health hazard if used incorrectly. Make sure you are providing the correct personal protective equipment including gloves, aprons, shoe booties, and goggles for your cleaning staff, as needed. PPE is something health and safety inspectors will look for when inspecting your facility, so make sure they are readily available at all times.

Ensure there is also a first aid kit available in the rare occasion an accident may happen.

Staff training

A properly trained janitorial staff will lend itself to the prevention of accidents. Ensure your cleaning crew is properly trained in cleaning supplies and chemical management to help avoid accidents. Have a sink with a working drain in the janitorial workspace for both proper hand washing and dirty water disposal. A floor drain with an overflow catch pan will allow for easier disposal and less damage to customer usage fixtures.

Ongoing training can ensure cleaning staff follow best practices not just in keeping your facility clean, but also safe, including an efficient janitorial workspace.

AAA Building Maintenance follows all the above best practices when cleaning your Denver commercial space. We specialize in professional office cleaning, health, and medical facility cleaning and educational centers, as well as pre and post construction cleans. If you are wanting the skill of Denver’s best janitorial company, call us today to schedule your free building audit and quote at 303-716-2802.

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