3ACLEAN is offering disinfecting services with an electrostatic sprayer, which helps prevent infection and is key to slowing the spread of the virus and keeping our healthcare system from having to care for sick patients.

According to Harvard Medical School, a recent study found that the COVID-19 coronavirus could survive:

  • Up to 4 hours on copper.
  • Up to 24 hours on cardboard.
  • Up to 2 to 3 days on plastic and stainless steel.
  • Up to 3 hours in the air before they fall. But most often they will fall more quickly.

Preventative Disinfecting Services

Our disinfectant is hospital-grade and kills viruses like COVID-19 and the flu immediately upon contact. Implementing the disinfecting services with an electrostatic sprayer is the best strategy to avoid contamination and the spread of disease. The disinfectant kills 99.999% of bacteria, and with the support of the sprayer, is able to coat all surfaces.

The dispensing gun offers 360° coverage, reaching into curved and hard-to-reach areas. Fast, effective, easy to use, it gives 3X more coverage than traditional sprayers.

How the Electrostatic Sprayer Works

Protexus sprayers give disinfectant and sanitizer droplets a magnetic capability that allows them to wrap around surfaces and hard to reach areas for up to 80% more coverage per worker than traditional spray bottles, buckets and rags. And, the broad-spectrum disinfectant spray plumes up to six feet.

The Disinfectant

This disinfectant is effective against C Diff in only 4 minutes! It’s surface friendly because of its neutral pH and the PURTABS can be diluted for up to 10 different uses. It is also a certified no rinse/no wipe food contact surface safe sanitizer.

PURTABS are a sustainable, solid tablet form of Sodium Triclosene, NaDCC, which dissolves readily in water to become a powerful hypochlorous acid (HOCL) that is versatile enough, depending on concentration, to use as a food surface sanitizer and a hospital grade disinfectant. If you aren’t aware of the many benefits of HOCL, it’s time you were. This multi-tasking, EPA registered sanitizer/disinfectant, when coupled with green cleaning formulations and the right application technology, literally solves the time constraints and process problems of daily cleaning and sanitizing / disinfection.

PURTABS are changing the janitorial/custodial industry for the better.

The CDC suggests for all non-medical, non-overnight facility that has experienced a coronavirus exposure that:

  • The area be closed for 24 hours prior to cleaning and disinfection.
  • Doors and windows be opened to increase air circulation
  • Cleaning staff clean and disinfect all areas used by the ill person
  • A focus on disinfecting frequently touched surfaces

More information from the CDC on this issue can be found at: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/organizations/cleaning-disinfection.html

If you are looking to do a Preventative or an Emergency Electrostatic Disinfectant Service, give us a call today. We charge per square foot for this service and are here to help you reach your goals in reducing exposure and the spread of coronavirus and the flu.

3ACLEAN may be the commercial cleaning company in Denver you have been looking for. With standard janitorial services, as well as specialized property management services and construction cleaning, we have the skill and diversity to meet your needs. Call today to schedule your free building audit at 303-716-2802.

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