Commercial cleaning in Denver should be reliable, timely and effective. With our weather fluctuations, our cleaning needs can vary, such as sweeping debris blown in by the wind into your reception area, or vacuuming up salt and ice brought in by foot traffic.

Regular janitorial services, as well as ongoing property maintenance, are critical for 3 very big reasons:

Customer Experience

Your customer’s experience begins the moment they pull up on your property. Curb appeal, so important to Real Estate, is true as well for retail storefronts, offices and medical plazas. Customers, and potential clients will make split second decisions about your business based on their first impressions.

“Overall, 70% of first-time sales at restaurants, lodging facilities, golf courses, wineries, and retail shops are the result of good curb appeal.” Source: The Importance of Curb Appeal for Business

To improve your business curb appeal, consider these options:

Improve signage – Can your customer easily find you? Consider updating signage that is outdated or damaged. Make it easy for passerby’s to see, read and understand what you offer.

Keep up the Parking Lot – Pressure wash your parking lot on a regular schedule and check it periodically throughout the day for trash, debris or trip hazards.

Clean and repair/maintain entrance – Is it safe and inviting to enter? Cracks and missing bricks can not only be an aesthetic issue, but a safety one as well.

Check the exterior – Consider periodically power washing the exterior of your building, including washing windows. This will clear the surfaces of insect dwellings, dirt, and mold.

Empty trash – Empty outdoor trash and cigarette butt containers. Commerical cleaning companies offer a variety of services to support both indoor and outdoor maintenance needs.

Make it appealing – Consider whether plants, landscaping, remodeling or new paint can help make your entrance more attractive.

Employee Health & Wellness

“On average, office workers spend 55% of their working day sat down with almost 60% saying they don’t even take a lunch break and instead eat at their desk.” Source: Huffington Post

For most of us, the amount of time we spend at work is second only to sleeping, eating, and showering. If that isn’t depressing enough, consider the studies that show your desk has 10 million bacteria. Beyond bacteria is also allergens and airborne pathogens, so it’s no surprise that over half of American workers take at least 5 sick days per year.

If fewer sick days aren’t enough to consider commercial cleaning, studies have also found stress levels are lower in offices that are clean and organized. Sanitary offices with regular cleaning schedules allow employees to experience a better quality of life in the areas of health and wellness, mentally and physically.

A Better Bottom Line

Employees who are happy and healthy, plus customers who have a great experience in your store or office lead to a better bottom line. Commercial cleaning allows you to have a safer and more hygienic environment while providing an efficient use of skill by outsourcing maintenance needs to fast, knowledgeable professionals uniquely trained to provide such services.

Many small businesses have learned the value of outsourcing non-business function activities citing benefits including:

The ability to focus on core business needs – don’t worry about cleaning the office when that isn’t a productive use of staff time.

Specialization – most businesses see the value in specializing in tasks and allowing outsourced professionals to provide the level of skill not affordable through the hiring of staff.

Flexibility – When needs change, outsourcing is flexible, for example, outsourced commercial cleaning can allow for one-time deep cleans or post-construction clean-up.

Outsourcing has become the way savvy business owners can focus on their critical business needs and save money by hiring specialists rather than employees. Commercial cleaning allows your Denver business, office or retail location to have a better curb appeal, a more positive customer experience, healthier employees, and a resulting improved bottom line.

Take time to focus on your business, rather than on the daily, weekly, or periodic cleaning and maintenance needs with AAA Building Maintenance. Providing commercial cleaning in Denver. AAA Building Maintenance specializes in medical, educational, industrial maintenance, cleaning, and property management services. Call us today at (303) 716-2802 to schedule your free building audit and quote and find out just how healthy your business can be!

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