If you work in a healthcare office, you understand how important it is to stay healthy year-round. This may be difficult when you are seeing sick patients, and can be even more difficult during flu and cold season.

Why It Matters

Prevention is always best when it comes to combating disease. Every year, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that over 31 million people visit the doctor, 200,000 patients are admitted to the hospital and thousands die due to the flu. (Source: CDC Flu Infographic).

Flu season hits at varied times of the year, but usually hits between January and March. Getting vaccinated is the number one suggestion of the CDC to prevent the outbreak of the flu, especially for higher risk populations such as youth, elderly and people with chronic illness. Because these high-risk populations are likely to come through the doors of your healthcare office, healthcare cleaning services are a critical second step in preventing the spread of the flu, as well as colds.

Taking steps to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs, and the resulting flu and colds, will reduce absenteeism, lower health care costs, and reduce financial loss due to decreased productivity.

3 Things You Can do to Keep Your Healthcare Office Clean During Flu & Cold Season

Engage Staff. Encourage staff to know the signs of colds and flu and have them take proper precautions, such as wearing masks, using sanitizing gel, and keeping their hands off their face and mouth. Educate staff about the seriousness of the flu, as well as the misconceptions about the vaccine, both for their own knowledge, and to help patients better understand the risks and solutions.

Encourage staff to stay home if they are sick and have processes in place for easy shift swaps and backup support staff to meet patient needs.

Hire the Right Cleaning Crew. Not all cleaning companies are created equal. A healthcare office needs a different level of cleaning than an office that doesn’t deal with medical needs. And not all cleaning companies perform healthcare cleaning.

Those who specialize in cleaning health and medical centers put a priority on avoiding cross contamination and sanitizing surface areas that could have biological contagions. Cleaning done between patients is handled by inside staff, but a cleaning crew will handle shared employee areas, waiting rooms and bathrooms.

Sanitation is done with every integral cleaning, with special attention given to high traffic areas, particularly where sick patients may have come in contact with surfaces. Professional cleaners take out trash, clean kitchen and breakrooms, sanitize bathrooms, clean exam and waiting rooms, and clean administrative offices.

Make it Easy. Make it easy for both patients and staff to follow healthy habits. Consider posters that explain proper handwashing techniques in the bathrooms, and “cover your cough” ones in waiting areas. Consider holding a flu clinic and allow staff time to be vaccinated.

October is the most ideal time for vaccinations as it allows the antibodies to become activated in a patients’ immune system. The vaccine does not cause the flu, as some people believe, and can help reduce absenteeism due to illness.

Keep sick patients isolated from others and have staff keep a safe distance. Practice regular, on-going handwashing practices.

Keep tissue readily available as well as trash cans so they can be quickly and easily disposed of. Install hand sanitizers in high traffic areas to encourage use. Instruct staff to appropriately cover their cough with an elbow or tissue rather than their hands.

Overall, increase the safety and reduce the likelihood of the spread of cold and flu with healthcare cleaning services, vaccinations, and good hygiene practices. If you are looking for professional office cleaning services in Denver, AAA Building Maintenance is here to help. Our highly trained employees understand the unique needs required for effective healthcare cleaning services. Proper cleaning products and processes are used to protect both patients and staff for a healthy flu and cold season.

Whether you need a temporary or one-and-done cleaning, or regular, on-going cleaning, AAA Building Maintenance will provide you a quote that covers your needs. Our range of services are sure to meet your needs and allow you to obtain the cleanliness and sanitization you require. Call today to schedule your free building audit and quote for your specific needs at 303-716-2802.

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