Owning or managing a facility in Denver is both a blessing and a curse. If renting, you may be experiencing an increase in lease rates, owning you are likely facing increased appraisals and resulting taxes. Controlling costs, either way, is more important than ever. We’ve seen some owners and managers look at a variety of ways to save money, but there is a difference between cutting usury expenses and cutting corners.

If you currently do your cleaning services in house, outsourcing may be one way you can save money. It seems counter-intuitive, so let us explain more about how outsourcing facility cleaning services can save you money.

Save Money with High Quality

There is an unresolved debate in whether one should be a specialist or jack of all trades. Those who agree with specialization cite better results, increased efficiency, and high quality as their primary benefits. Those who suggest being a jack of all trades cite a higher value and “one-stop-shop” service.

While a handy-man can do a variety of things, often the quality of work suffers when outside that specific person’s bailiwick. This is true as well when employees of a business are asked to perform more than simply keeping their areas clean and clutter-free. Not only do employees need to focus on the jobs they were hired to do, they don’t have the true skill set to effectively perform facility cleaning services.

If an employee does have both the skills to perform their job and janitorial services, you are likely going to be paying an additional payroll expense, including matching taxes and benefits. Their rate of pay while in the differing role, should be in line with facility maintenance rates of pay, otherwise you are overpaying.

Instead of a jack of all trades, or overpaying an employee, consider outsourcing facilities cleaning.

Save Money with Increased Productivity

First, a clean environment leads to less sick days and therefore better productivity. Offices can spread germs in high traffic areas, such as door knobs, phones, and desks to 50% of workers in under 4 hours. Clean environments are important for stopping or reducing the spread of germs as well as the clutter that causes employees to not be productive.

Productivity can also drop with levels of high stress and anxiety. Cluttered offices and messy shared space give the appearance to both guests and employees that they aren’t important. It creates an impression can that hurt or boost morale. Both customers and employees can judge the value the business places on them based on the condition and upkeep of the property, including bathrooms.

Morale and productivity are linked, so high levels of happiness means a healthier bottom line. So, facility cleaning services could potentially create an increase in revenue – by as much as 12% as this study reports.

Save Money with Less Safety Issues

Cluttered work environments can be dangerous beyond just germs, too. Disorganized and dirty space can cause an accident or injury as well. Construction debris, grease, water, ice, sand or even food can become a slip or trip and fall hazard. A clean space is a safe space.

When outsourcing facilities cleaning services, you will have maintenance staff who are properly trained in the most appropriate cleaning products and methods. They are trained on the types of products and equipment to reduce injury and effectively kill bacteria, remove dust, debris and properly dispose of waste. Untrained staff could cause more injury, creating a safety issue, rather than preventing them.

Cleaning services can also be specialized for unique tasks such as power washing, glass cleaning, pre or post construction cleaning, or more. Not only can these help create a safer environment for staff, but also visiting guests. And, by using trained professionals, you are limiting your own risk to employee injuries by improper cleaning methods and/or chemical usage.

At AAA Building Maintenance our effective, responsive janitorial and building facilities service didn’t happen by accident – it has been accomplished through hard work and genuine concern for our clients. We will meet or beat any expectations you may have for any other company offering facilities services in Denver. Our employees are trained for, and take pride in maintaining your building to the high standards required by hospitals using the latest in EPA registered disinfectants and the latest in cleaning technologies.

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