Running your own business is a lot of work. Not only are you responsible for sales and marketing to get clients, you must keep employees productive, products and/or services delivered, financials in order and your property in great condition. Somewhere between putting out the fires and planning for the future, there must be time for day-to-day operations.

One way to leverage your time, keep employees productive, and customers coming back, is by utilizing a janitorial service in Denver.

Leverage Your Time

In business it is important to focus on income producing activities, as well as making sure you are doing the work you are best at while delegating tasks that aren’t. For most business owners, managers and even front-line staff, performing janitorial service isn’t their best use of time.

Even those who enjoy cleaning, find commercial cleaning to be quite different, and even overwhelming. After all, cleaning your own bathroom is quite different than cleaning bathrooms in a commercial space.

Additionally, most janitorial service in Denver is done afterhours, when customers, and staff aren’t working. This means they can do a thorough job without bothering day to day business. This, in essence, expands your business hours and allows your property to maintained while you sleep.

Keep Employees Productive

Employees who have a clean, uncluttered space are more productive. Cleanliness means they aren’t picking up germs from their desks, the air, bathrooms, or shared space areas (conference rooms, breakrooms, kitchens, etc.). Less germs means less sick days.

Cross contamination in the workplace can cause serious issues, so proper training and care must be adhered to by all janitorial service staff. Employees of your company are likely not properly trained on how to handle chemicals effectively or appropriately for cleaning. They also aren’t up to date on the procedures to prevent cross contamination or industry standards for commercial cleaning.

Uncluttered space means they have the tools, equipment and procedures in place to insure they are able to perform their jobs well. When a janitorial service is utilized, procedures are automatically in place for cleaning that require staff to keep a tidy area. Additionally, the cleaning service will make sure all trash is removed, dust and germs are wiped off flat services, and cross contamination is prevented.

Customer Retention

Customers don’t know all the innerworkings of a business they hire, but when it is unorganized, they notice. An office that performs services may not have customer traffic, but if the receptionist and/or office staff are sick or disorganized, it will show.

For example, a staff may become overwhelmed or flustered when on the phone and not able to find information or a writing utensil to take a note. They may create a health hazard with food on their desk, or overflowing trash that causes them to trip and fall. And while the customer can’t see these behaviors, they impact your staff’s ability to effectively perform their job, and that certainly has an impact on your clients.

When clients do come into your place of business, there is no doubt they will form an opinion based on the care given to the space. Trash receptacles should be empty. Dust, cobwebs and debris should be cleared from the area. Safe walking space is critical.

Public bathrooms should be clean, as well as any conference rooms or open space areas they may use, have access to, or even see. This impression will be lasting, and therefore should be a good one.

What is a Janitorial Service in Denver Responsible For?

When you contract for janitorial service in Denver, you will be given a building audit to determine the exact needs you have. In general, however it can include:

  • Trash removal
  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping
  • Flat surface sanitation
  • Bathroom sanitation
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Common area cleaning
  • Window washing
  • Power washing (garages, parking lots, exterior, walkways, etc)
  • Pre- and post remodel/construction cleaning
  • Cleaning supply management
  • Cleaning equipment maintenance

Denver based AAA Building Maintenance uses highly trained employees and chemicals specifically formulated for the specialized task at hand. Whether temporary construction cleaning, ongoing commercial cleaning services, or maintenance support, we are here to help property owners and managers obtain and maintain a level of cleanliness they desire. Call us today to schedule your free building audit and quote for your specific needs at 303-716-2802.

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