If you are a business owner, you may be familiar with the seemingly never-ending struggle of trying to find someone reliable, detail-oriented, and affordable to keep your building clean and organized. Fortunately, we here at AAA Janitorial are here to help. Here are the top ten things to look for when hiring someone for your professional office cleaning services:

Reliability. Make sure the company or individual you choose to hire for office cleaning is incredibly and undoubtedly responsible. There is nothing worse than expecting someone to show up at a certain time, only to have them cancel or show up late, throwing off your entire day and potentially impacting your business. Responsibility across the board is crucial to getting the job done right.

Honesty. Honesty is a key trait that will ensure you choose the right cleaners for your office. You want to know that even if a mistake is made, the truth will always come first, and you never have to worry about trusting the people you work with. Transparency is always the best policy.

Affordability. When looking at the affordability of office cleaning in Denver, make sure you not only take into account the pricing, but also consider the quality of work you are receiving in return for your investment. Remember; you get what you pay for.

Adaptability. You need a team who is willing and able to adapt to your individual needs as they come. Hire a cleanup crew that can work around your schedule and is willing to change plans if something urgent arises, or if you have specific time bound business needs.

Attention to Detail. Don’t hire a company who skips on the finer things in order to provide a lower price quote. Settling for anything less than the best when it comes to the cleanliness of your building space shouldn’t be an option. Hire someone who will pay attention to the small stuff now, so that you don’t have to sweat the big stuff later.

Customer Care. Just as you care about your customers, visitors, patients, etc., it is also important to make sure the people who are cleaning your offices exhibit the same level of care. Clean enough is not clean enough. The people entering your business are at risk for all kinds of health and physical hazards if things are not picked up and sanitized properly. Hire a company who understand this and takes steps to care for your guests and employees as much as you do.

Values. Another significant factor to consider when hiring a cleaning company is whether or not your values align with theirs. Do you have core traits that define who you are or how your business operates? Try to ensure that the company you hire shares at least a majority of those same core traits so that everyone is on the same page.

Scope of Work. If you have multiple different places or types of work areas that need to be cleaned, or even specific cleaning needs for each space, it is always good to make sure the team you hire has the skills to tackle whatever you may need. Sometimes a company may only clean interior spaces and doesn’t do exteriors. Or, they cover some floor care, but not deep cleaning. Double check that their scope of work covers your needs and expected future requests.

Manpower. A one-person team is not going to be able to power through a two-story building with twenty different offices in one day. The company you hire should have the manpower to properly accomplish whatever tasks you give them within a reasonable timeframe.

Respectfulness. The final and most important trait to look for in a cleaning company is respectfulness. The team that cleans your space should always put things back where they came from, take care to be gentle with fragile or breakable items, communicate effectively about any and all necessary information, be prompt and cordial, and treat you as well as your visitors and employees with care and thoughtfulness.

At AAA Building Maintenance our effective, responsive janitorial and building facilities service didn’t happen by accident – it has been accomplished through hard work and genuine concern for our clients. We will meet or beat any expectations you may have for any other company offering office cleaning in Denver. Our employees are trained for, and take pride in maintaining your building to the high standards required by hospitals using the latest in EPA registered disinfectants and the latest in cleaning technologies.

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